Sunday, May 12, 2013

Volkswagen Family Weekend fun

Hi all! We were invited to Volkswagen's family weekend and decided to bring the kids for some fun.
Activities include:
- Tri-cycle rides
- Kids golf
- Food art
- Creativity corner
- Mom's pampering corner
- Tasty snacks

The tri-cycle area where Adam played on the tracks.

Creativity corner

Snacks for all: chicken burger, coleslaw, and grilled potato. So generous!

Ice-cream too!

My glutton baby!

Super baby!

Come join me for some Mommy Pampering!

Enjoying back massage while Andy watched over Ashton and Adam went on the tri-cycle rides. Bliss!

Sorry...The boys don't get it!

My greatest gifts in the form of pure love.

Thank you Volkswagen and The Asian Parent for the invite!

About my little white car:

Shortly after Adam was born, Andy decided to trade in his old car (we used to drive Colt R and WRX, both manual cars... Damn beng can.. zzzzZZzz) for a auto-transmission car for me.
I was working shifts back then and studied in the evenings, and driving around with a baby meant that we had a tall order.

(Story here)

We did some research and decided on the VW GTI because it is a nice, compact yet powerful machine. According to Andy, I'm a super kayu driver so I need front and rear sensors, and the reverse-camera was an added bonus!
I wanted a white car, and it wasn't an available color, hence we placed an order and waited several weeks. Good things come to those who wait!
Presenting.... my white baby:

Photo courtesy of car photographer Joel Tam who did a shoot on my (then) new baby.

I like my car for the Park Assist function which comes equipped with front and rear sensors, and a built-in reversing camera which displays on the touch-screen for added safety. Good for kayu drivers like me!

My car is almost 4 years old now, same age as Adam.
I am so in love with him and can't bear to sell him away (the car, not the kid) because I feel that he is made for me.
That's why we decided to keep him and got another 7-seater for family outings instead (need a 7-seater to fit the kids, car seats and so many humans).
Thank you Hubby for giving me the best and second-best things in life. Love you so much!


  1. Hi Veron,

    Nice reading your blog :)

    I have a few concern here. My daughter is 9mths old now but I do not know why she doesnt like to drink her milk. She cant even finish her 5oz milk. I m very worried and hope you can assist me. :'(

    1. Hi dear, my son is only drinking 4oz every 2-3hourly haha so compared to your daughter , she's definitely drinking more!
      It's normal that they don't always finish the milk drop for drop since she should have already started solids so her meals may make her full.

      At 9mths old she's supposed to go for her growth check & assessment. If the PD or nurse says everything is fine then you don't have to worry:)

    2. Thank you so much Veron :)

      All the best to you and great day ahead .



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