Friday, January 7, 2011

My Darling's First Day at School

Today our darling son is finally well enough to go to school!

Woke up early morning, his hair still standing up and he's eating his muffin for breakfast.

"Mommy we're going to be late can you stop asking me to pose??....."

Off to school! Hand-in-hand with Daddy :)

Adam's personalised Tux name tag :D

Today's theme was Birthday Party, so they sang a Birthday Song, learnt what is a cake, candles, and party, and he colored a Birthday cake. With his name written on it. I feel so proud!

Thankfully, the class is bilingual and the teacher : student ratio is 2:5.
I must say at this moment, Andy & I are very happy about the curriculum and the conduct of the school/teachers. Learning Mandarin is a bonus because as we all know, it's a difficult language and the earlier we start, the better.
According to Psychologist Jean Piaget, the cognitive development of children at the pre-schooler age (2-7yrs) are mostly focused on language development, role-modeling, play-pretend.
Therefore, parents with kids this age group should not be overly anxious if their Playschools don't seem to be "teaching them enough through books and hardcore classroom learning".

In due time, Adam will be going to either St James Kindy or Marymount Kindy.
But right now, this will be our plan - to put Adam in a drop-off program with our shortlisting criteria as follows:
- Must be near our home (for safety reasons, no need to cross any major roads, and easy for Andy's mum to drop-off & pick-up)
- MCYS approved centre with qualified & committed teaching staff (This centre has staff working for years, ie. low turnover rate, which is important because children get attached to caregivers easily and build trust and learn from role-modeling at this age.)
- Cleanliness and hygiene standards
- Not too much rigid sit-down classroom setting
We're currently sticking to this plan until our new home is settled, and until we have our logistics arrangements sorted out.

And nope, there were no tears from my big boy. Not sure about next week though!

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