Saturday, March 12, 2011

End of School term

It's the end of Term 1, and Kai's teachers gave me a compilation of the art & craft he did in class.

A surge of happiness overwhelmed me and I feel so proud of my boy for being all grown up.
It's been a whole term of him sitting through 4 hours of school without me around and he actually even enjoys school. It's not easy for a child less than 2 and thank goodness we don't have to deal with clingy issues and seperation anxiety.

Great job Kai!

Mischief-maker 1 with his trademark MM2.

Thank you, God, for bestowing on me a wonderful and doting husband, and for giving us a happy and beautiful child. We hope that Adam will grow up to be a beautiful person, both inside and out.

I ♥ my boys.

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