Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Noelle's shower & red-egg party

Sunday 18 April 2010: Baby Noelle Goh's full month shower & red egg party
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront

The diaper cake I baked for her:)

The hotel ballroom was huge, and they even provided a baby cot and children cutlery for eating. Thumbs up!

Baby Noelle dressed in Baby Ralph Lauren. All those pretty frocks and pink stuff makes it all worthwhile to have a princess! I soooo want a daughter!

Red egg party

Gong-gong and little Kai

My cousin Calvin & his gf.

This baby suffers no fools

Cousin Yanling and her little princess who just turned 1 last month.

Thank God for my wonderful Mom who helped me with Baby Kai, else Andy & I wouldn't have been able to eat and chat in peace :)

I totally miss Baby Kai's full month shower, where we were showered with so many pressies, so to speak - rompers, shoes, clothes, soft toys. It was overwhelming, but after the party I had ample time to rest at home for several months more, and that feeling of not having to wake up to an alarm clock was great. Baby Kai and I did everything together, except for sacred moments where I took a poop on the toilet bowl.
I wish my cousin Denise and her hubby Peter will enjoy their little bundle of joy in the long journey ahead called parenthood :)

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