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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Penelope's 1st BIRTHDAY

Our niece (Andy's cousin's daughter) celebrated her 1st birthday last weekend and I always love pink-themed parties and wish I have a daughter myself!
 Time to roll out the pink carpet for baby Penelope's birthday :)

The hostess with the moistest decked in Minnie polka-dot dress. Cute!

My Adam became so skinny after his food posioning and hospitalization episode while we were in Bali.

Outfit of the day:
Electric blue top: Mango MNG
Skinny jeans: Levis
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats (mega love for this pair as they are sooo comfy)
Bag: Hermes Lindy in Rouge Garance
Other accessories: Christian Dior tribal pearl earrings & Lovisa red necklace


It's been quite some time since I posted something personal instead of sponsored.
Thanks for dropping by and have a good day you all.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My last baby, Ashton, turned TWO.

I'm a little sad. Our last baby, Ashton, turned two today.
Oh my, where did all the time go?
This year, no fancy affair, just a simple meal with my family and in-laws at Prima Tower revolving restaurant.

My brother's girlfriend is from Japan and my Granny won't stop speaking to her in Cantonese.
Ashton looked indifferent throughout. This baby is cool as a cucumber, cannot be bothered about the bahooha of everything, even if it's his PARTY!

I'm getting old and have not the energy to conjure up anymore fancy parties for the children.
As a matter of fact, apart from feeling sad, I also feel a huge relief now that he's two. It has been such a roller-coaster year for us, but I can't really put a finger to what it is.
I just feel as if I have been running a marathon for the past year, maybe it's his newfound mobility now that he's running around, maybe it's his ability to fight for attention and toys with his brother.
I don't know exactly.

From now on, they will just have to make do with birthdays in school because their mother is old and perpetually exhausted.
Speaking of school, Ashton is still happy with his status quo as a Stay-at-home-son.
He's not enrolled in any preschool yet, and I'm not even anxious.
I'll just let him enjoy being a SAHS a little bit more.
Really taking my time with this baby.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Family affair: Joan's 1st Birthday party.

Andy's cousin's daughter is turning one!
Love attending parties with loads of children. They make every party livelier and happier with all that noise and coordinated mess.

While playing in the ball pit, Adam hurt a cousin's eye. Intentional or not (he said it was accidental), I punished him and made him apologise to Donovan. I later on explained to him the reason why I was mad and scolded/ beat him in front of Donovan and his guardian was because I love and care about him that's why I get upset if other children and their parents are angry with him.
I then banned him from playing at the party and we left (thankfully it was time to leave otherwise I would hate to leave the party prematurely).

Adam's at an age which requires lots of reasoning and that is honestly tiring as hell.
I wish children came with instruction manuals. Sigh.

MIL and birthday girl Joan

Outfit of the day:
Quilt grey blouse: Love Bonito
Red shorts: H&M
Bag: Hermes Lindy 34
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Clever Kitty flats

Adoring my new shoes from They were offering free international shipping so I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from them. So comfy too! No blisters for the entire 4 hours of wearing them.

the Ngs! Darren (Andy's cousin) and Suzanne with their three kids.

Blessed birthday Joan!!!
You're gonna grow up to be so spoilt and protected by your brothers I'm sure!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tsukada Nojo - Collagen beauty hotpot at Westgate Mall.

A friend told me she recently went for dinner at the famous 美人锅 Tsukada Nojo at Plaza Singapura.
That got me curious to try their Collagen hotpot which has so many queuing 1.5 hours for.

We decided to go to the outlet at Westgate Mall, just beside Jurong East MRT, because it is newer and bigger than the outlets at Plaza Singapura and Chinatown Point.
Also because my aunts stay in the West...

They do not do reservations so all you can do is to go there and queue.
Reached at 5pm and there were many empty tables in the non-aircon seating but the air-conditioned section is already full.

In the end, we didn't want to queue so we accepted the non-aircon table. They have fans and air-cooler but as things start getting steamy, so do our sweat glands.

The famous Collagen soup curds shipped from Japan. I just went for my IPL facial laser 2 weeks ago so definitely MUST try!

Once the curds melt, they form a thicky, oily and creamy soup.

"JITOKKO" is a very valuable brand chicken in Japan. This chicken is raised in an organic way with thorough quality control further than the government's stringent standards. This chicken is shipped only by limited number of farmers.
That is why this is called "rare chicken".


三 大 美 人 吃 美 人 锅 (3 Big Beauties eat Beauty hotpot) :P

Waiting time:
Waited about an hour for air-conditioned seating but alas there were no adjacent tables available so we ended up taking the outdoor seats where 6 adults and 2 kids could all sit together.
Once you secure a table, the food comes very fast though.

I find the soup tasty and very filling (didn't even eat that much) but Hubby finds it too oily.
The chicken meat was not very tender, in fact a little bit tough, giving me a feeling that it hasn't been cooked long enough.
Or maybe it could be because it's organic chicken and not farm-bred, I'm not sure.

Impeccable service provided by the waitress who was assigned to help us cook and teach us about the famous soup base.
She was also very quick in assisting my fussy boys for their drinks and children cutlery.

In total, 6 adults and 2 children paid a total of $187 only. I find it very cheap considering it is a famous hot pot. Way cheaper than Hai Di Lao.
However, they lost 1 star because I ordered 1 plate of fried rice for my helper (she cannot eat pork) which cost a whopping $12.
After the kids finished their share, my helper brought them upstairs to the rooftop playground called Westgate Wonderland - a HUGE outdoor playground with water play and tree-top play.

Thanks for dropping by to read about our Beauty hot pot experience :)
One tip is, if you don't want to wait too long for it, reach early at about 4:30pm - 5:00pm.
They open at 5pm but there was already a queue at 4.30pm because everybody wanted the air-conditioned seats.
However, the max seating capacity per table indoors is only 4pax, therefore bigger groups will have to be seated at the non-aircon section.