Sunday, August 24, 2014

My last baby, Ashton, turned TWO.

I'm a little sad. Our last baby, Ashton, turned two today.
Oh my, where did all the time go?
This year, no fancy affair, just a simple meal with my family and in-laws at Prima Tower revolving restaurant.

My brother's girlfriend is from Japan and my Granny won't stop speaking to her in Cantonese.
Ashton looked indifferent throughout. This baby is cool as a cucumber, cannot be bothered about the bahooha of everything, even if it's his PARTY!

I'm getting old and have not the energy to conjure up anymore fancy parties for the children.
As a matter of fact, apart from feeling sad, I also feel a huge relief now that he's two. It has been such a roller-coaster year for us, but I can't really put a finger to what it is.
I just feel as if I have been running a marathon for the past year, maybe it's his newfound mobility now that he's running around, maybe it's his ability to fight for attention and toys with his brother.
I don't know exactly.

From now on, they will just have to make do with birthdays in school because their mother is old and perpetually exhausted.
Speaking of school, Ashton is still happy with his status quo as a Stay-at-home-son.
He's not enrolled in any preschool yet, and I'm not even anxious.
I'll just let him enjoy being a SAHS a little bit more.
Really taking my time with this baby.

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