Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Home gardening: growing your own vegetables.

 When I am not surfing the internet reading fashion blogs and fellow mummy-blogs, I am occupying my time with another hobby - gardening.
With our huge balcony, I realized I could actually do a lot of gardening in it.
I think I picked up my green fingers from my Dad and Aunt (his younger sister who lives with my family). I have recollections of my childhood watching my Dad grow African violets and other plants, but my Mum would complain that they were "messy" and threw them away ;(
Luckily for me, Andy shares the same sentiments about gardening as I do.
Thank God for a man who loves nature and animals as much as I do.
My interest is in planting edible food.
Upcycling an unwanted Styrofoam box into a planter.
I drilled holes at the bottom, laid some gauze and wood chips to prevent soil from falling out.
After a week of growing capsicum seeds, the stronger seedlings are ready to be transferred to the Styrofoam planter.
Egg cartons are the best, BEST seed starters.
Capsicum seedlings home upgrade.

Earthworms are your plants' best friends.
When earthworms are in your soil, it can only mean you are doing it right - pure, fertile soil free of chemicals.
When I was little, I used to keep earthworms in mason jars as pets!
I would scoop them off the sidewalk on rainy days. #imweirdlikethat
Besides Styrofoam boxes, you can upcycle wooden pallets (far left) and wine crates too!

Our Okra, or better known as Ladies fingers.

4 ladies fingers make one serving.

Stir-fried sambal belachan Okra with minced chicken and anchovies.
My helper said it was sedap :)

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