Friday, February 13, 2009

[update] Cupcake session for Vday 2009

Our baking session with my gals at Charmaine's house turned out to be well, quite a blast (figuratively)! No, we didnt blow up her kitchen!
I love get-togethers with my gals like this.
All women need to ditch their men for some female bonding once in awhile :)

Our chocolate and banana cupcakes in the process of making.

Meena and our Friendship cake.

Who says V-days are for lovers only? Best mates in the world.

The cake is so sweet, just like our friendship!

The aftermath of a very messy kitchen with me, Meena, Clare, Charmaine, aunty Christina and their maid Nur.. Ta dah!

Meena's cuppies.

To remind Ramesh of his husbandly duties?!

Charmaine's cuppies. Do you see the boobies on the 1st cuppie?

Clare's cuppies. The blue band is actually a cute lil skateboard with nice yellow wheels!

Finally, here're mine. I had help from Meena & Charmaine (M made the icing work, C deco-ed the white hearts on baby's towel)
Baby Julius Cesar Tan! Hello baby! You have lots of wonderful aunties who adore you even before you are born!

I'm quite proud of us because our cuppies turned out pretty well, all in the midst of having a crazy time.
Thanks for the GREAT Time girlies!

Time to plan our Fondue Party up next :)


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  2. Sorry, wanted to say that the cupcakes are so cute! - Inoriz


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