Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melissa & Doug magnets

photos all courtesy of Google Images

Aren't these the cutest magnets? Made of top quality, child-safe wood and paint, Melissa & Doug wooden magnetic toys make the perfect gift for your nephew/niece/friend's child/your own child. Best of all, they are not expensive, priced at about SGD$14.90 - $26.90.

They are so cute that I couldn't resist buying them for my own tod! and I'm also buying the Princess set for a cousin's daughter's 1st Birthday ^__^
I have a fussy toddler who doesn't really like toys so I put a lot of thought into the things I buy for him. Thankfully, he enjoys playing with these. It keeps him occupied in the kitchen while I'm busy with whatever I'm doing.
I've also come to learn an important lesson the hard way - expensive doesn't necessarily mean good.

The dress-up magnets allow you & your child to narrate a different story each time and encourages creativity & imagination.
And because they are magnets, you can stick them onto your refrigerator or easel and they are mess-free! Now isn't that brilliant?

Your friends will thank you for this thoughtful Christmas gift :)


  1. Hi Jas, I bought them from Toys R Us Tampines Mall branch. Try the "Learning" section where they have crayons, easels and puzzles.


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