Friday, November 19, 2010

My busy toddler

With my sprained ankle, we're pretty much home-bound.
Being at home with Adam these 2 days has really been an eye-opener for me.
I didnt know my son is such a busy person, even at home!

He plays with his vehicle...

entertains himself by role-playing on some cardboard...

does his coloring on his favourite Mickey Mouse coloring book...
just don't ask me why they are all green.

and watches his favourite collection of Elmo's World DVDs with his favourite character, Dorothy the goldfish...

He also reads his board books and I do flash cards with him.

Here, he is reading Maisy's train and identifies Thomas the Train. It's pretty obvious he's into trains at the moment :)

Other times, he's often caught climbing on Mavy when the unsuspecting dog is napping, poor Mavy jumps up and growls at Adam to tell him off, I scold both of them, they break up and stare at me with huge, guilty puppy eyes and their heads hung low.
You know how kids are - the more you tell them to stop, the more they do it, and a Border Collie is faster than you can blink.
When one of them is sleeping, the other wants to play, but when they play, they fight. -_____-
I dont know whether to laugh or be angry.

I guess these are the joys of a SHM :)

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