Friday, December 3, 2010

The year-end wrap-up

November and, as you'd expect, December, are really busy months. As if everyone was letting the entire year get by in half-steam and then suddenly realise it's end of year already???! so you better hurry the hell up with yer unfinished business.
As 2010 is drawing to a close, I would like to first of all, heave a huge sigh of relief.
It has been a super duper hectic year for me. But an overall happy one.

work. I've been slogging like a horse for this past year. An entire year, since I went back from Maternity leave in Nov 2009. Nobody said being a working mum is ever gonna be easy. My current company, though not very eventful, has nonetheless been paying my bills and hefty shopping. You'd think my Hubby so good buy everything for me, but hey I pay for my own shopping too, you know. :P
As both Hubby & I are busy working, Kai is busy growing up. Which is mainly why I might decide to be a SHM next year. It's gonna be a whole new perspective, I'm soooooooo NERVOUS, but I'll talk about that later.

school. Lectures, exams, datelines. The usual stuff been responsible for my many sleepless nights, and I still cant believe I made it past the first semester, still awaiting results for my 2nd paper for 2nd sem; I passed my 1st paper WHOOPPEEEE! Next year I'll be doing Sems 3 (1st half of year) & 4 (2nd half of year). Dear God please please give me all the strength and knowledge I need to pull through. Fingers doubly crossed.

travel. With my impossible schedules, coupled with the nature of Hubby's job, we didn't travel as much as we liked to. But we did. Somehow, we managed to plan, execute, and even enjoy trips to Melbourne, KL, and Hong Kong this year (planning a secret getaway for Hubs birthday in Dec shhhh HEEEE). We even lugged the baby along. Diapers and baby gear included.
I can't be sure about next year though, it's gonna be the final year of my BSc and I really wish to give it my best shot. Therefore, all plans on hold till further notice.

family & friends. Same old, some new. Babies are popping out everywhere around us, be it family or friends. Or both. We're all really happy for the new parents & grandparents. Yes they poo, cry, scream and make a mess, but no matter what others say, children DO brighten up your lives by infinite megawatts. A new life is always cause for celebration. Agree?
My apologies if I do not have enough time to pass around, or have been missing out, especially with friends, but please know that I DO love and cherish my friends all the same, if not more!

So now that 2010 is coming to an end, what's not to like??
New year, new goals.
I envisage 2011 to fill me with the same academic buzz.
Most importantly, I also aim to take a year-long break from work, to evaluate my future career plans, if any at all. Mainly, I just want to be there for Kai as much as possible, because Hubby has been busy with the business and we are not spending as much time with our son as we should. I figure, at least one parent should be around for him, right?

Before you brand me a Tai-tai, I would like to highlight the truth that - being a SHM is about as glamorous as .... a piece of stale bread. A piece of stale bread in frumpy t-shirts and shorts, with hardly any time to shit in the loo. Not that she needs to shit in the loo anyway, since she wont even have time to eat enough for anything to be digested! It's really, really more fun to be working and having an income I tell you.
But I'm not a fan of having a totally unrelated person, ie. domestic helper, "mother" my child, the same logic as you wouldnt want someone else to "wife" your husband. And I'm sooooo hands-on I wanna do everything with Adam!

Then again, I have to grapple with the issues of unemployment. With an income, I could buy whatever I fancy at a whim. Chanel? Sure. Balenciaga? Get it. Now, I have to come to terms with issues of budgeting and the sort, which frankly I have to admit I'm not good at! I can be many things but thrifty isn't one of them. I have ALOT to learn from my bestie Meena and other SAHMs.

Okie dokie, so enough of grousing already.
We'll cross the bridge when we reach it.
That about sums up my 2010. Bring on 2011!

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