Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates on my new job & staying on our own

Hello! Welcome to my cam-whoring-at-work look.

This is not ter-kua!!!

If you are still debating which hospital is the BESTEST place to deliver your bundle - it has to be Mt Alvernia without a doubt!
The confinement food is nicer, and the nurses are much friendlier, being a Christian hospital and all.
I'm saying this not only because I delivered Adam in MAH 2 years back (lucky me to have had yummy food and caring nurses/lactation consultant checking on me all the time), but also based on my experience shuttling between MAH and GEH :)

Anyway today is one of the good days, I finished clinic at 3pm and went with my boss to MAH for a THBSO. After work, Andy & I brought Adam to the 1st day of Motherhood baby fair at Expo Hall 6B and stocked up on our fast depleting baby supplies.
Funnily, I happen to subsist in a tiny but extremely expensive family of 3 now.
And speaking of which, I have not gone on a date with the Husband for MONTHS. The occasional dinner out with the kid is not counted!!!!!

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd a proper sit-down dinner-for-two and spend some couple time alone!

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