Thursday, June 23, 2011

New member of the brood?

Ever since we moved, we've been contemplating with the idea of having another dog.
Maverick, our 7yo Border Collie, stays with my in-laws because he practically grew up with them since he was 3 months old and my MIL is very attached to him, therefore we left things as they were and our new home has been kept void of another doggy being.

Thing is, Hubby has always liked big dogs and we were actually thinking of either another Border Collie or a Golden Retriever, the latter which is milder and more placid for our lifestyles.
However, it is timely that my Aunt is giving up her Toy Poodle, Joi, for adoption at a fee to anyone who is sincere in keeping a dog.
She said she would be more than glad to let us have Joi since she knows she will be in good hands and at least it's family and she can still see Joi once awhile or at family gatherings.

Joi is a 2.5 yo Sterilised female Poodle.
Color: Apricot (as you can see lah)
Toilet habits: Goes potty in a pee tray
Feeding: eats 2 small meals everyday and then does her business after meals.
She is obedient, knows simple commands and is healthy, free from skin problems or any illness.
Reason for giving away: Due to having a baby and some disagreement with Hubby and her elders.
Adoption fee: $300 comes with food, cage, pet carrier, pee tray, EVERYTHING.
T&C: New owner must be sincere dog lover and should never sell or give Joi away in the event that new owner is unable/unwilling to keep her. At such a point, Joi must be returned to my Aunt and never be given away or sent to SPCA.

Pros of Poodle:
- Doesnt shed
- No skin problem (as opposed to my ex-Sheltie Alice who had chronic skin problems)
- small and portable
- obedient

Cons of Poodle
- It's another living thing afterall, therefore the added responsibility
- Needs regular grooming at the groomer's

How how how? Should we adopt Joi???

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