Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life at 2

Nothing much's been going on lately. And no, we didn't adopt Joi the Poodle in the end because the husband is not convinced. Nonetheless, we hope that Joi gets rehomed successfully to Andy's cousin who's been pestering his folks for a dog since Maverick was 1 year old!

Here's Adam enjoying his buble bath in the jacuzzi this morning.
Hubby had a naive plan to make him come to bed with us so we could all sleep in late on Sunday but obviously that plan failed miserably!

Look who's all rise & shine???!

After his bath, Daddy got his act together and we all headed to Parkway Parade for lunch and Adam's haircut.

Alfresco lunch at PP

and the plunge!

For the uninitiated, Junior League is serving children with style at:
- Junction 8 - 91354151
- Parkway Parade - 91551744
- Suntec City - 96196053
- United Square - 98452266
- Forum Mall, Toys R Us - 91893198
- Vivo City, Toys R Us - 91288646

*** Promotion: Collect 8 receipts and redeem for 1 Free Children's stylecut.
Every cut includes styling, optional washable color hair spray, cartoon programs, toys, sweets and stickers.

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