Sunday, August 14, 2011


(This post is dedicated to my beloved son.)

Sometimes I look back at my own childhood and cannot help but envy my own child.

When I was young, I didn't have all the luxuries that Kai is enjoying now.
I grew up in a family that although was not poor, but neither were my parents rich.
My brothers and I didn't have our own rooms, we shared a bedroom with our Grandma/maid until I was 10 or 12.
My parents didn't have a car, and they still don't have one now. We travelled everywhere by public transport.
My brothers and I didn't travel beyond Thailand(once) and Hong Kong(once) when we were young whereas every school holiday, my classmates would fly to farm stays in Australia, sheep-shearing in New Zealand, and many other countries which I could only imagine what they looked like or see on TV.
And then, I didn't travel to anywhere again until I met my then-bf Andy.
We didn't have handheld gadgets when we were little and we borrowed books from the school library.
While all my classmates had computers and chatted on IRC and surfed internet, I persuaded my father for a long time before he relented and bought me a PC, but with no Internet. I remembered I could only install games from floppy disks while my friends chatted about their topics in IRC.
I remembered I wanted a pet dog sooooo badly, I literally begged my father to let me adopt a dog on my 21st Birthday, and then I adopted a Shetland Sheepdog named Alice. Still, I fought hard and shed much tears just to get to keep my dog because as my Dad put it: "We don't need a dog to guard the door when we are staying in a flat, not kampong".
My girl friends had supplementary credit cards, designer bags, the latest phones/digicams and lavish parties when they turned 21.
I worked and saved and depended on my then-bf to pay for my driving lessons whereas my lucky friends had theirs paid for by parents and could even drive their parents' cars when they got their licenses.

These are fragments from the childhood that I remember.
Bless my father, he put food on our table and saw us through school, but times were different.

I was definitely not decked out in Burberry Baby or Ralph Lauren threads.
I didn't have my own bedroom, play room, or a dog I could boss around.
I didn't have my tresses styled by professionals.
I didn't get chauffered to school every morning.

I hope children of today will grow up tomorrow appreciating how lucky they are.

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