Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy National Day with best friends in da World!

Had the best people in the world come over for a celebration today, and we're all decked out in RED!

All except my naughty boy, his red clothes are all at my in-laws'. Hmmmffttt! But red Superman logo can do? :P

Our nation's favourite past-time....

Red drinks somemore.

Father & son signature smile :D

Most importantly, we had cupcakes for dearest Charmaine because this is probably her last SINGLE gathering with us until she is officially announced Mrs Aunty Poh. HAHAHA

Aunty Charmaineeee

My auntiessss *heart*

Best mates in the world!

We really enjoy throwing parties and gatherings at our place. It's fun to feed and water people, and brings us much joy to have friends and family come together for some much-lacking laughter :)

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