Monday, August 15, 2011

Singapore Flyer

In spite of being Singaporeans, Sunday was the first time we went on board the Singapore Flyer.
Didn't really fancy the idea - and still don't - but my in-laws wanted to go, so we found it a good excuse for family outing with the kid :)

I'm wearing a black jumper from my client's boutique called Fancy Empire at Tampines Mall. Her clothes are imported from Korea and only 1 piece per design :)

Breathtaking views from the Flyer. Up, up and away!

It was all good fun and a little bit of Sunday family-togetherness, but to Adam, being confined in a carriage and made to sit still for anything longer than 3 minutes is a torture :P

Now that he is no longer the teeny baby, I seriously wonder how we're gonna keep him contained on future plane rides.

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