Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Many updates from the Tan household

I fainted at work today. Unglam. I was all scrubbed up to assist in surgery when I saw white spots and had difficulty breathing. The next thing I knew, I fainted. (Just for your info, I've assisted in many surgeries before and it's not the gore that blacked me out.)
And the next next thing I knew, I was being wheeled around a wheelchair to the A&E dept for some medical attention.
Oh. My. God. Totally embarrassing.

According to the doctor at the A&E, I'm having something known as "vasovagal", which my husband thinks sounds very genital - "vaso" = blood vessels. "vagal" = sounds like vagina.
Means what? My vagina has many blood vessels. ??? Crazy husband. That's why I cant believe 100% what my husband says.
It really means a sudden dilation of vessels which makes blood pool elsewhere and make a person faint.

And this is the reason:

I missed my period. Been 2 months now.
I peed onto a contraption which returned the following. POSITIVE.

I initially didnt wanna tell anybody yet because I've not crossed the 12-week mark. So far I've only told my Mom and my Aunt. But for some unknown reason, my Dad "could tell from my face" and so could 7 hundred other people whom I've met ONCE a year during CNY.
And as of today, my whole dept knows.
It doesn't help that this pregnancy is much much more untolerable than my 1st.
When I was preg with Kai, I could manage 3-shifts in a hospital ward, working 6 days-week, and had no adverse reactions whatsoever.

Leg cramps in the middle of the night, expanding waistline, intolerance to smells (shampoo/soap/perfume), intolerance to sights of certain foods, all seem a distant memory.
On top of that, extreme fatigue, exhaustion, the need to lie down 24/7, food adversity, lack of appetite, exotic food cravings all seem very new this time round :(
I never used to have any cravings in my previous pregnancy, 'cept for once or twice when I felt like eating the Chinese 9-layer multicolor cake.
In these 2 mths, I've already craved for --- pasta with sundried tomatoes & fetta cheese (what?!), cornflake & raisin cookies, and Marks & Spencer potato chips with Sea salt & Balsamic vinegar (what?!?!?!), and Chicken in a Biskit which I've made my poor Charmaine & hubby hunt for.

In summary - I have just set myself up for 9 mths of torture in exchange for few hours of marital pleasure with the husband!!!!

1 month of being in his new school hasn't turned out nearly as well as I'd imagine. In fact, it was pure torment for all of us.
We had to fight with Adam to get out of bed every morning, fight with him to put on his uniform (which he hates), fight with him to physically get his ass to school, and then fight somemore at home when his tantrums escalate.
My little preggy heart can only take so much.
I withdrew him from Learning Vision, as discussed and agreed with my good Hubby & family, and switched Adam back to his old school, where he's now back with his friends again, after a month of hiatus.

He seems to be enjoying himself more now, give and take some hiccups and teething problems with the switch-over. But generally all is good now. Thank GOD!

Lesson learnt --- we parents all think we know what's best for our child but sometimes we should just take a step back and be more in tune to our child's needs.

And the other day, I was at home on a weekend, with a terrible need to nap (not new to my husband and kid anymore).. So I said to Adam:

Me: Mummy needs to rest for a while on your bed Ok?
Adam: Ok mummy. Mummy go sleep. Good night Mummy!!
[5 mins later, he enters the room]
Adam: Mummy??? You sleep?
Me: Yes baby. Mummy is tired and needs to rest for a while Ok?
Adam: Ok mummy. Mummy go sleep. Good night Mummy!!
[I shut my eyes ..again... and dozed off]
[10 min later, he re-enters room]
Adam: Mummy? You sleep?
Me: Yes baby. Mummy is tired and needs to rest. Now. Ok??
I chased him out the room (his own room, bad mummy) and closed the door and napped for an hour.

I am so wasted. Poor deprived child. He's gonna grow up developing psychological problems because his mother is always sleeping/tired/"stomach so big with baby inside" <-- he went telling my in-laws, traitor!!

Ok that's enough updates for now. Feeling giddy typing this. -___-
Off to nap.


  1. I slept a lot during pregnancy too. Sometimes, just open a box of Lego bricks and let my boy play on the bed while I rest. Take good care! :)

  2. Hi MieVie, I feel extremely tired at work especially and cannot concentrate at all which is really terrible. I wonder how I'm gonna survive till 9 mths pregnancy ;(
    lucky thing u are a SAHM! what a joy


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