Friday, February 24, 2012

The birds and the bees

Last night, I accidentally let Adam see me not wearing my shorts and he exclaimed "Mummy 你的鸟鸟破了!" which is loosely translated to "Mummy your birdie is torn!" and he asked why's that?
I nearly DIED. Andy had gone for his soccer game and I was left alone to handle the awkward situation.
I had to go on and on about "No, mummy doesnt have a torn birdie, Mummy has a fanny" and "You are a boy, you have a birdie. Daddy is a boy, he has a birdie too. Mummy is a girl, mummy has a fanny, not a birdie"

Thankfully he changed the topic to playing with his toys.
Can't get much private time around here, can I??

Time for me to go read up on the Birds and Bees to children. A 2-year old!!
When I was young - 10 yrs old was considered young for sex education during my time - my Dad just passed me a book on sex education and asked me to read it myself.
I then asked him, Why is it that boys' birdies stand up when they see girls?
My Dad brushed me off and said I was not supposed to ask such things. (?!?!?!?!!)

I suppose I'm not gonna be the kind of parent my parents were.
Any useful tips on broaching this subject, and those popular "where do Babies come from" topics are most welcome.

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