Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pregnancy - revisited

My ideal job
I have been extremely bummed lately, always wanting to sleep, cannot concentrate at work, making mistakes etc... So I did the wise thing and consulted my very wise and reliable friends & Hubby over my serious need to lie down 24/7.
I need a job which allows me to lie down all the time, as opposed to standing up and walking about all the time.
These are their suggestions:

Meena: Prostitute
Charmaine: Andy's sex slave
Andy: a Blow job.

See? I knew I can always count on them.
Confinement Lady
I did not engage any confinement lady when I gave birth to Adam because my MIL was available to help cook and do the chores for my 1-month confinement, and also because we were staying with my in-laws then.
This time, the situation is very different and we figured it'd be best to hire someone "professional" in this aspect to do it.
I called several recommendations from friends / relatives / online forum but many were either already booked for the months of Aug-Sept (speaking of kiasu-ism) , or charged exorbitant rates like $2500- $2700!! I remember during Adam's time, confinement nannies were only charging $1800!
Dragon Year is really, really a Baby Boom year.
I'm already having visions of myself camping overnight and volunteering to mow the fields of our choice Primary schools in future. Shudder.

Anyway, during my last checkup after I fainted at work, my doctor has prescribed me iron & multi-vits to boost my energy levels and overall wellbeing.
I'm seeing slight improvements on my energy level, although I'm still tired but at least I can still function as "normally" as possible.
I even managed to read books to Adam at bedtime (I always say choose 1 book but he will take out 5 at any one time) and play with him in the evenings instead of hiding under the sheets the first thing I reached home. Gratitude.

Here's the latest ultrasound photo of our little little (and highly likely last) bean.

Just the previous visit, it was still a teeny bean pole with a yolk sac and suddenly it has expanded to include limbs and a face!

My lack of interest
Before I was preggy, I had all these mental prep-talks of how I'm gonna be a glowing mom-to-be armed with my knowledge and experience of being a mother.
I hate to admit, but the truth is far from it.
I've totally lost all my moods, I don't bother with makeup these days and everyone at work's been asking me why I look so pale all the time.
Truth is, I just cannot be bothered. Sigh. I've totally let myself slide.
Charmaine asked me today, what would I like for my Birthday??
I replied her something very Aunty - please get me Takashimaya vouchers because I have no wishlist this year.
Knowing as how I am now, I will probably use the vouchers at the Baby Fair for my kids instead of myself.
The unthinkable is happening.

When will I get my mojo back???!!!!

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