Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 is a fun age. Uh-huh.

Adam fell into our koi pond tonight when feeding them. He was with Andy (we don't allow him to be near the pond alone) when it happened and I was in the ktichen keeping the laundry when Andy shouted out to me "Hon our son fell into the pond".
I went "What are you talking about?!" because I can't believe how anything like that could have happened right under Andy's nose. (Wasn't he supposed to be babysitting while I'm doing the chores??) Obviously, it can. And it did.

Men..... *sigh*

Anyway the good thing was, Adam just climbed out of the shallow pond as if nothing happened.
The 1st thing Adam said to me when I rushed over was - "Mommy don't scold me". .. . The look of cheekiness and smugness on his face tells me he's Ok. And it also tells me perhaps Andy & Adam have shared many a secret moment like these when I'm not around. So after analysing my dripping-wet kid, my question was "Did the fishes die??"
I guess with a husband and kid like mine, I've been classically conditioned to believe that as long as the child is still breathing, and henceforth alive, then things are a-okay. (See? I even had the mood to snap a photo of the said wet kid!)

Seriously. 3 is the age where Adam thinks he is liberated enough to: cross the road without holding hands, say "No" to his parents, and fall into a pond and think it's funny.
What a fun age. Uh-huh.

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