Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 29: Antenatal update

Went for my antenatal appointment on Saturday. I'm now close to 29 weeks.
Another 10 weeks or so to go.
My back feels like it's falling apart, I waddle like a duck and I am trapped in a whale's body.

On the bright side, we managed to get a 3D picture of Baby no.2 sleeping very soundly in my tummy :)
My mum and Aunt LY think No.2 looks like Adam - the cheeks and small mouth.

We asked Dr Don the possibility of my opting for Elective Csect because I am not good with waiting games, and he said I still have time to decide, if I really want to go for a Caesar, then I have to be at least 38 weeks.
Dr Don then gave me 1 week HL to rest at home because the pain and aches are getting really, really unbearable.

Today, I awoke early and after dropping Adam off to school, I went back home and did lots of packing - I packed up my old nursing books into a box to be stashed into the storeroom, I organised some "unwanted" and "recyclable" trash into seperate bags (old bottles, Medela breast pump, Adam's old toys with missing parts, empty boxes of our home appliance purchases from a year ago, old clothes which I don't foresee myself wearing ever again)... It's amazing how much trash we've accumulated in the span of just one year!!

After packing up and organising, I changed Adam's bedsheets, did laundry, watered the plants, fed the fishes.... I think the nesting instinct is setting in.
Another 10 weeks to go... Hang in there Veron, you can do it!


  1. Congratulation & in no time, u & ur family will be happily welcoming your new addition. It's amazing how time flies. I've a nearly 3 year old son & a 3 months old gal so I truly understand how you feel now as I've been in your shoes before. Jiayou!!! :)

  2. Thanks Diana! R u a FTWM ? Do u get any help with the chores & babysitting? Last trimester is a loooongggg Count-down! :)

  3. Hi Veron,

    My situation a little from most as I'm consider SAHM but also runs a business. Since #1, we didn't hv much family support as hb parents are overseas & my dad ain't gd at it. (mum deceased long ago). Hubby dislike the idea of stay in helper so we've to look after 99% by ourselves but we are coping it well. My son is very active & cannot sit still over dinner table (now slightly better partly due to 'distraction' iPhone). He is tall & strong, I could barely lift him up esp towards my last trimester.

    After my gal arrived, we tried to show him as much attention as we can as not wanting him to feel left out or neglected. A lot of work initially but it passes fast enough without u realizing it.

    Being a mum is so fulfilling & satisfying when u see your child growing & happy. That's the worst & best job in the world!

    When is your expected EDD? U opting natural? U can try talking to your bb now & let him/her knows so they can guai guai Let u've a smooth delivery. :)

  4. Do update me how it goes having a helper & coping with 2s in later stage. :)

  5. sometimes I think when you are left with no choice, life becomes easier than when you have many options and dont know which to choose which will be best for everyone?! LOL

    I also contemplated being a SAHM but lately all the chores, bending/picking/cleaning etc has been making me quite short-tempered, on top of caring for a 3yr-old who hardly stays still, and having to carry around a heavy bump. But I do agree when Adam was younger and when I wasn't pregnant with No.2, I enjoyed all the mothering duties immensely.

    I'll be due on 26 August but if I decide to go for Elective Caesarian I might be earlier.

    do you have a blog?? :)

    1. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I would very much love to hv more choices but well, It's all good.

      I always wanted to start a blog but keep procastinating it. Envy mothers like u keeping track of your child growing stages.

      You're not alone, I feel short tempered & easily tired when preg #2. My son loves to keep asking me to carry which I'm having difficulty though I did it.

      I wish you have a smooth & fast delivery. May your baby be happy & healthy.


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