Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleeping next to a Chain-saw. And some other updates.

Ladies, do your husbands snore??
Mine does. As a matter of fact, so loudly that I wake up with a start almost every night.
Last night, I was already in deep sleep when I suddenly got startled by the sounds of what seemed like "machine guns" - trr trr trr trr trr!
I jumped up and realised, in my half asleep stupor, that it was actually the Husband, sleeping on his back with his neck flexed and mouth wide open.
At times like these I'm tempted to smash his face with a frying pan or gag him with a table cloth, but I'm actually too tired to walk to the kitchen. Other times, I just smack him and ask him to turn over. Problem solved - temporarily - until he rolls onto his back and the symphonies of tractor roaring/ motor engines/ chain saw and machine guns start again.

I didn't used to be bothered by Hub's snoring, but lately I've been increasingly annoyed and sleepless because of my nocturnal polyuria and pregnancy-induced insomnia.
I get so frustrated at the lack of quality sleep that my only solution now - I bunk with Adam in his room. Adam would be sound asleep on his comfy single bed, so I have to make do on a mattress on the floor, but the peace & quiet I'm getting is priceless.

I hate to be sleeping away from the husband but right now I have no choice for my sanity's sake.

Summer heat
Not only do I get insomnia these days, but the blistering heat is getting to unbearable extremes as well. Even Adam thinks so. He actually gave up the choice of going to Explorer Kids and instead, opted to go swimming. Being in my 3rd trimester takes my body heat up another notch.
I feel so HOT and so burning that I can't even stand touching myself - whenever I place my palms on my face/ thighs/ neck/ limbs (Okay, EVERYWHERE and anywhere), I feel a burning sensation as if I'm setting myself on fire!
Oh gosh I love hiding in aircon comfort, at work and at home. If I have a choice, I'd rather hide in malls than go out in the sun.
I'm missing the year-end rain!

It's been almost 2 weeks now since we submitted our maid application but still no news from MOM.
I'm hoping things will speed up a wee bit so that I have some grace time to train her and let her settle into a routine and be used to our home before Baby No.2 comes along.
That way, she won't be too overwhelmed and honestly, I won't be so stressed up as well.
Fingers crossed.

P.S. It's gonna be July in a week and that means I'm already counting down to my EDD!
I'm so exhausted I can hardly wait!

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