Sunday, December 1, 2013

Leighton's 1st BIrthday

Need we say why we love parties?
Food, balloons, children running amok, cakes, ice-cream!
Our neighbour's baby celebrates his 1st birthday today at this cosy little café named "With a pinch of salt", located at Tanjong Katong Road.

Ashton and Birthday Boy Leighton, born 4 mths apart.

Iris and Ashleigh

Lyndsey turning 3 next year. I can never keep track of other kids' birthdates and ages. Shame on me.

Sometimes, I think Adam thinks Ashton is a puppy.

This greedy boy helped himself to the food, a lot.

Don't be surprised if we come across as a crazy family. We are.
My whacky kids and I wish Leighton a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY.

Just realised we didn't take photos together with birthday boy cos Leighton was napping and we had to leave.
Gahh..... gonna grab from Peifen's album :P

Edit to add: Photos of the awesome awesome Lightning McQueen cake and the birthday boy :)

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