Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Party 3, at my evil twin's house.

Please meet Twinkle, she's my evil twin at work. I remember on the first day I joined my department, she was the most friendly to me, she greeted me with the loudest "Hello! I'm Twinkle!" and we've been best friends at work ever since!
So love this nonsense Aunty whom I always have a topic to chat with - our kids are around the same age (Adam and her younger son Rayden are both 2009 babies), we both have 2 boys, and we love bags, fashion, and talking nonsense.

with Mrs Turkey

I baked these Nutella frosted chocolate cupcakes, don't play play Ok!
My first attempt at rosette piping is a success!!

Francis (Twinkle's husband) is a Christmas baby. Both our hubbies are December babies, can save a lot of $$ on presents HEHE.

P.S. I just got home from my weekend Guangzhou trip with Hubby.
First time travelling without my babies! Will upload that in another post soon.
Happy New Year everyone!!
Can I stay in December forever? It's been a holy macaroni month of traveling, presents, gatherings and not working, spending loads of time with my boys.

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