Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Party 1, with my Sec Sch friends

Christmas in 2013 has been nothing short of being great, being surrounded by my closest friends and family.
This year, Andy & I decided not to host any parties because we have been super busy, with his work and my clearing leave to spend quality time with both kids.
That, and because Ashton is at the toddling stage and is likely to destroy any Christmas decorations we have in the house.
The first party I attended this year was with my secondary school girl friends.
Known one another for 17 years and counting!!
Angeline's baby girl Ava. The only princess in our group of ALL boyssss!!

Siew Wei's no. 2, Princeton. She has 3 boys. I always wonder how anyone can stand having more than 2 boys.

Angeline's lovely place.

We enjoyed a homecooked meal by Angeline and of course, I helped out as well Ok!
Oven baked Shitake mushrooms with minced meat and cheese, Vongole, and garden salad.

Cooking the Vongole.

See my MILF girlfriend Angeline and I.

My girls and I, missing is Huiwen, who already met up with them when I was in Bintan.
So love these girls :)

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