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Beauty Mums & Babies: Baby Tuina massage services.

Hi everyone :) Ashton and I are one of the privileged few to attend a baby-and-child tuina massage course, conducted by Beauty Mums & Babies at Paragon.
Tuina has been around in Chinese history for thousands of years. In China, if babies and children have ailments such as fever, constipation, flu, poor appetite, bed-wetting, they do not go to the hospitals but instead their parents and grandparents perform tuina massage for the children at home.
The aim of this Tuina course is to teach mummies how to do simple tuina on our babies and children in the comfort of our own homes.
You don't need to engage a professional or travel far from home just to do it, because Mum knows best!
Benefits of baby tuina:
- Improves baby's internal energy, blood circulation, and regulating function of various organs
- Improves neurological and physiological development
- Boost immunity, enhance disease resistance, relieves discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation
- Non-invasive and doesn't cost a thing
- Calms the baby and promotes parent-and-infant bonding
- Prevention of illness is better than cure
Our trainer for the next four sessions is Ms Sakina, a state registered nurse who has vast experience in baby and child tui na. She is also the chief trainer in the centre.

As a rule of thumb, so to speak, always use your right hand to work on your child's left hand.
Using either circular clockwise movements or straight, downward strokes, these are the basics to master before moving on to other techniques.

Thumb: Spleen
Index finger: Liver
Middle finger: Heart
Ring finger: Lungs
Pinky: Kidney

Lesson proper: Introduction to the baby tuina course with a bunch of 8 mummies.

Demo of Tuina techniques by Sakina on Ashton.

 Mummy Irene does practical on James.

Fellow mummy-blogger and friend, Serene and I together with our trainer Sakina after the session.
Thank you Beauty Mums & Babies for inviting us for this course.
Gained some very useful knowledge indeed :)
Ashton and I are so lucky.

Beauty Mums & Babies are located at Paragon Tower 2, #14-11/12.
Other than Baby Tuina, the services they offer include:
Infant massage
Baby Spa
Labour Support massage
Prenatal massage
Postnatal massage
Lactation massage
Mum and Baby yoga

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