Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Home soaps, cleansers and eco-friendly detergents: Natural living is not as scary as you think!

Have you ever wondered what goes into your typical bathroom bleach, kitchen stain removers, floor detergents, and even your own shampoo and body wash?
Have you ever felt like the smell from those detergents are so pungent and wonder why your hands feel so dry and powdery after you use them to wash your dishes/ clothes/ polish your stoves etc?
Commercial detergents are often derived from petrochemicals and contain synthetic fragrances, even when advertised as “fragrance-free.”  
The term “fragrance” alone may refer to a combination of several hundred laundry chemicals including many that are hazardous.

What an irony it is then, when the very things supposed to help you keep your home clean and hygienic are also the culprits that are harmful and carcinogenic (cancer-causing).
If you are making your transition from a chemical-filled household to gradually one that encourages eco-friendly and organic products, then take a deep breath - natural living is not as daunting as you thought it is!
The mantra with natural living is - Less is definitely MORE :)
Less synthetic ingredients, less chemicals, less animal-testing, less GMOs, less sulphates and parabens = More control over your health.
Dr Bronner's castile soaps are organic, certified fair-trade, and contain no synthetic ingredients, and are available at selected organic shops in Singapore 
eg. - Taste Original at 1 Maritime Square #03-57, HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253. Tel/Fax: 62745852

- BUD Cosmetics #01-66 Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506
Tel / Fax: +65 6397 6013

Dr Woods castile soap with shea butter (unscented) is another chemical-free product I bought off to add my own Essential oils in.

Castile soaps have multiple uses - for face and body, add baking soda to make laundry detergents, adding a few drops of Lemon EO to make your floor detergent, and so much more.

Some commonly used, multi-purpose oils our family loves include Lavender, Lemon, Geranium, Peppermint, and Grapefruit.

Lavender uses: Calming, rashes, redness, sensitive skin, relaxation, cuts, burns, scalds, dry and chapped skin, scars, eczema, allergy, sooth sunburn.
Add a few drops into your laundry for nicer-smelling clothes.

Lemon uses: antiseptic, removes grease and oil stains, removes sticky residue from labels of bottles, reduces wrinkles, kills bacteria, removes blackheads, acne.
Good for mopping floors and cleaning stoves in your kitchen.
You can also use lemon to soak vegetables and your children's toys in a tub.

Geranium uses: wonderful flowery scent, perfume, regenerates tissue and cells, support circulation, good for the skin, lifts depression and negativity, shingles, eczema, fungus.

Peppermint uses: refreshing, cooling, brings down fever, bloatedness and flatulence, headache, mental recall, nasal congestion.
Add 1-2 drops in a pump of shampoo and massage your scalp for a lifting, hair-orgasmic experience.

Grapefruit uses: uplifting, induces relaxation, fights fluid retention, dissolves fat and cellulite, diuretic, obesity, refreshing. supports lymphatic and vascular system.

So there you go, making your own soaps is really not as daunting as it sounds. Plus, it can be lots of fun coming up with your own concoctions! :)

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