Sunday, November 2, 2014

[Sponsored] Beauty Mums & Babies massage course and Grand opening of Baby Spa!

Remember Ashton and I were invited to attend a baby tuina massage course at Beauty Mums & Babies a month ago?
We have finally "graduated"!
Yeap! Here's a recap of the massage course:
The correct techniques to massaging the pressure points of your child's body

You can find the previous article on our first lesson here:

And.... that's not all Beauty Mums & Babies have to offer.
They have recently opened a Baby Spa outlet and infants up to tods of 2 years old can go and enjoy the hydro-spa service offered.
BB Spa is located at Paragon level 5, opposite Strip and Browhaus.

Singapore Mom Blogger Irene and I were there for their grand opening. Pictured with us was Carolynne, our marketing sponsor in-charge :)
My baby and I wearing matchy-matchy grey Tee with denim ^_^

The children ate so many of those chocolate-icing strawberries that I didn't get a chance to eat!!! *tantrums*

 If you're interested in finding out more about baby massage courses, and baby spa services, do head on to their website at:
290 Orchard Road, Paragon (Tower 2)
#14-11/12 Singapore 238859
* BB Spa is located at level 5, opposite Browhaus and Strip.

Contact Number: 6235 0688 / 6235 5990

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