Sunday, January 3, 2016

{sponsored} Back to School with confidence fuelled by MILO Singapore.


Howdy everyone! How did 2015 treat you?
Can't believe 2015 was last year now, and in less than 24 hours, our firstborn is headed to Big School.

My children are huge fans of Milo, just like me!
When I was little, my favourite after-school snack was dunking Jacob's square biscuits into a hot mug of Milo.
When I eat at coffesshops, I will surely order Milo peng (iced Milo) to go with my meals.

I think my kids take after me because they also love Milo!
Every morning before school, they have a cup of Milo mixed with fresh milk each.

I am so thankful that Milo Singapore has decided to send some love our way, just in time for the new school year :)

The package came with stick-on notes for you to scribble words of encouragement to your children, such as: Pay attention in class/ Do not talk when teacher talking/ Ah boy ah have you done your homework? :P

Came with sandwiches too.

A little about MILO Go For It campaign:

This outreach effort is timed with the upcoming school's reopening.
Amidst the excitement, Milo understands that a child may also be feeling the butterflies around the new school term.
To encourage more parents to empower their children in school with simple gestures and supportive words, MILO Singapore launches the #MILOGoForIt social media movement.

We hope you will be able to join us in this movement by posting a photo of your child drinking Milo and hashtag #MILOGoForIt to inspire other Moms and Dads in the social media community to pen notes of encouragement for their children when school starts.

Get the #MILOGoForIt sticker notes!
As part of the movement, Milo Singapore will be launching these sticker notes island-wide.
The stickers will be distributed in primary schools and are available at all major retail outlets, for FREE!
For more updates, check out Milo Singapore's Facebook page.

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