Sunday, December 27, 2015

{product launch} Eco Store introduces environmentally-friendly products in Singapore.

'm a huge advocate for green living. In our household, our trash is categorized into recyclables and reusables.
Every time a new helper joins us, I brief them about the importance of not wasting - do not waste resources, as you will end up wasting money and the environment.

Therefore, I was really excited when I received the invitation to Eco Store launch media event a few weeks ago.

The venue was held at The Arts House, which was the old parliament house.

With its white walls and interior, The Arts House still held its pristine charm of the ex-Parliament house.
It was raining that evening, and they had closed the carpark to The Arts House, so luckily Hubby managed to find parking at the current Parliament House and we walked a short distance.
valentino rock studs hermes toolbox soufre ootd mumzilla veron
Since most guests were late due to the rain, I went around taking photos of the building and surroundings :D

Mandatory outfit of the day shot:
Dress: Blush Inc.

Shoes: Valentino rock stud flats.
Bag: Hermes Toolbox 26 in Soufre.

Goodie bags awaiting the media friends under the Christmas tree :)

We were treated to a buffet spread before the event started.

Only good stuff inside! That's EcoStore's promise to consumers, and to our Mother Earth.

Chocolate-stained tee belonging to Ashton. I decided to give EcoStore's laundry soaker and stain remover a try.

ecostore eco store singapore mumzilla environmental friendly detergent
Stains washed off with ease.

I am constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly products.
When I am shopping for groceries and household products, I look out for the green labels and recycled stuff.

Bleach is a harmful chemical that is commonly sold off the shelves to be used by consumers as household cleaners and clothes-stain removers.
It is corrosive in nature and may cause allergy to eyes and skin, especially pets and young children.
If inhaled, it can irritate the respiratory tract as well.
Imagine inhaling these particles when you and you children are wearing clothes which have been treated with bleach.

Try something better today - use natural cleaners like EcoStore's detergents instead.
EcoStore's detergents are developed lovingly by people who care for you and the environment, made with plant and mineral based ingredients.
Ecostore’s customer promise is to provide people with healthier alternatives for cleaning and nourishing themselves, their families, homes and their environment, without having to compromise on performance.

It is time that you too, can make a difference to Mother Earth by being more conscious in your shopping habits and decisions.

EcoStore products can be purchased on their website.
Check out EcoStore now for their full range of products!

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase your Eco Store detergents from Cold Storage and selected NTUC stores.

Ecostore Sg Facebook page: /ecostoresingapore
Ecostore Sg website:

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