Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[Travel Tuesday] Clubmed Phuket December 2015: Day 3

I We survived the first day of school on Monday, it was a first of many things for us.
New school, new environment, new learning journey, and first time Adam will be away from home for the whole day.
We enrolled him into a Student care, as I seriously doubt my helper will be able to cope with her chores plus supervise Adam in his school work.
She's a domestic worker, not a teacher, so I shouldn't even be thinking of this as an option too.

With Adam in Student Care, it will also mean no more couple dates out after work for us, we have to cheong back to the East to fetch the kids! (Not looking forward to that.)

Anyway, it is off to school Day 2 and parents are not allowed to hover around from Day 2 onwards so here is my last instalment of our December Phuket trip.

Arranged a dinner date with my cousins and uncle on one of the nights while we were all still in Phuket.
It's a small world after all :P

Horror faces on my boys #whytheysolikethat

My Ashton doesn't like water but every time go pool also must full body kit including goggles. As if his head ever goes under water LOL.

We didn't stay in Clubmed on the last day.
We checked out and booked a day tour around the area, which includes Go-Karting.
We took the double-seaters so the kids could play too.

phuket tiger zoo
We also went to the Tiger Zoo.
It was expensive, and not really worth it if you ask me.
The tigers were all kept in enclosures alike cages, unlike the Tiger Temple ones, and we had to queue very long just to go into the enclosure for a mere 10 minutes.

The tigers did nothing but lounge around looking pretty.

And soon the little ones got bored, including the furry one as you can see below:

A sleepyhead who was oblivious to everything going on. It just slept and slept!

phuket tiger zoo
We even suspected it was sedated on purpose! though the zoo claimed otherwise. Hmmmmm,

It was a teeny tiny zoo, with only a handful of tigers which visitors can take photos with.
But still, there were other cages with "off limits" tigers like the Siberian tigers.
I kinda felt duped because I had expected a free-range safari-like experience akin to the famous Tiger Temple.

Anyway, I think it is better to take your tourism dollar elsewhere.

We then went to take the buggy rides from the foot of a hill all the way up to the Big Buddha temple.

My virgin experience operating this machine and it was fun!

Andy took Adam while I took Ashton.

When we finally rode back down, the kids wanted to buy a basket of bananas to feed this young elephant.

The elephant roped the Birthday Boy in for a kiss!

Happy Birthday Hon!
Thank you for always being there for the boys and me.
We have been through so many years of ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, failures and victories, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
We make a great team if I may say so myself :)

clubmed phuket travelogue singapore
Merry Christmas from the Tan-meisters!

Bye bye Clubmed and Phuket! The kids enjoyed their vacation :)

Phuket trip Day 1 and Day 2 are also up :)

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