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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Down memory lane

During our free time for these 2 days, Baby Adam & I have been doing a little project called the Memory Album :)
I will put him on his rocker and show him his neonate photos and tell him stories of when he was born etc.

Inside this album there are columns for memories like:
How Daddy & Mummy met, when Baby was conceived, names we considered, Birth story, Baby shower etc.

There is even a mess-free ink pad for taking baby's hand and foot prints.
Of course, with a wiggly messy 3 mth old, how mess-free can one expect?

Here's what happened to the "mess-free" ink pad: LOL

It looks like Baby Adam has 6 toes.. and I bet you dont want to see the hand-print one!
Baby Adam then clapped his feet together, smudging ink all over his legs, and as if to add a finishing touch, he promptly put his inky hand into his mouth.

I laughed so hard at my messy baby and that made Baby Adam chuckle as well :D
Both Mummy & Baby had a fun time cleaning up and piecing the Memory Album together with the hand & foot prints, his ultrasound scans and his truckload of photos, as well as writing the stories inside.

The finished product:

Monday, September 7, 2009


Baby Adam on his Bumbo. His Bumwear is making his ass super big and everything down south seems pretty squashed up!
And his thighs got not much space too...

Cannot balance already.... Doink!

Some happy times with the boys

Here's Andy with Baby Adam after giving him his morning bath.
He was reading the soft book to Adam in which the animals said "It was naughty little Puppy!" *points promptly at Mavy* and that really cracked Adam up!

Andy felt guilty after making me mad and he made up by being super nice to me. What can I say?
Boysss.... Cant live with them, cant live without them. Hmmph..

We had a fantabulous weekend. We brought Adam back to my parents' and I'm reminded once again how lucky I am to have a fab family to egg me on.
I love my parents, Aunt LY, Grandma and siblings so much and I'm thankful that Adam will grow up in such an environment as well :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long dayyyy

It's another of those hectic days for me today.
In the early noon, I brought Adam to see his new PD Dr Simon Ng at MAH together with my Mum.
He's a very nice and friendly doc, very patient and kind. Not the rush-rush kind which is the most important criteria I look for in a doctor.

I would like to share my unpleasant experience with a PD in Tampines (I wont reveal the clinic and Doc's names for privacy):

Went to see Dr Simon Ng at MAH (my mum's excolleague) because last Saturday during Adam's 6-in-1 and growth assessment, his Length perentile was only 25% (from prev 75%), and his Weight percentile was 50% (down from 90%). Naturally, being any parent, of course I was worried.

So anyway, went there today, the nurses at MAH are really very professional. They measured Adam properly using measuring tape and even minused 100gm for his diaper for a more accurate body weight, unlike the prev PD whose nurse not even nurse lah just clinic assistant, just anyhow measure him using a ruler and never even straighten his legs!
Even more annoying is that the PD didnt even pick up that drastic drop in percentile and insisted that everything was "normal".
I thought that was really unprofessional, and she didnt even assess Adam for his Milestone Development.. She asked "can your baby reach out for objects?" and before I could answer, in a nano-second, she answered her own question, "This age should be yes hor" then she just went on to tick tick tick Yes in the milestone column.

That's not the worst thing. For his 1st jab she wrote down 5-in-1 and during this recent Saturday jab she wrote 6-in-1. WTH?!?!?!?!!
I need to call up the Tampines bogus clinic tomorrow to verify which vaccination did she give exactly so that Dr Simon Ng can follow-through with Adam properly.

I've attached a pic to illustrate my point.
Red circles: written 6-in-1
Yellow circles: 5-in-1
Black arrows: indicate the same clinic Adam took his jabs

Anyway back to Dr Simon at MAH...

End result of today's visit:
Adam's length at 3.5mths: 62cm (85%)
Weight: 6.9kg (90%)
Everything is NORMAL and it's just the stupid Tampines PD miscalculated and didnt even pick it up. Absurd!
Make us made a wasted trip all for nothing. Well, at least I can set my mind at ease now, and my Mum also caught up her old friend. We spent 10min in Dr Simon's consultation room chatting and he even gave us "special price". My Mum should've recommended her friend to Adam earlier mah.. Alamak.

After the appointment, happy Mummy and happy Popo brought sleepy Adam to United Square for high tea and shop around their many baby boutiques.

Popo with chubby Adam looking bored and sleepy

Fell asleep on the sofa at Bakerzin

Headed home after that to get ready for my dinner appt with the gals.
"50% cancellation charge if no-show!" WAHAHAAHAH this Angeline was so scared everyone stand her up.

Dinner @ Carousel. As usual, when you put a bunch of women together, it becomes a market!
Carol told the receptionist to put us at a secluded spot because we are very noisy :P
I'm so happy that everyone is doing well now. Those supposed to get married are getting married. Those married ones (Siew Wei & I) have kids (we are both Mums to 1 boy each, aged 1mth apart only!) and Siew Wei even trying for No.2 now.
Carol is crazy as always... Kept asking me to "peep through that hole" and update her of my neighbour Hahahaha nonsense girl.

Top from left: Casey, Siew Wei, Huiwen
Bottom from left: Carol, Angeline, me.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Baby Adam was delivered by Dr Wong Chun Ping Don at Mount Alvernia Hospital and he was assessed by Dr Lilian Lim Peck Neo upon birth and had his 2 subsequent followups with her as well.

Dr Lilian is the nicest PD one can ever imagine and ask for.. She is nice, gentle and patient to answer all questions and give parents reassurance (knowing us anxious parents).
Even though her clinic is always full, she wont rush to see the next patient.
There's nothing not to like about her. Maybe that's why her appointments are forever 3-4 weeks wait. o__O
I tried calling to book an appointment today and was told the next available slot is 4 weeks away.. That's after we come back from Bangkok leh!!

Now, my Mum recommended me another PD, Dr Simon Ng.
He is an old friend of hers, who used to work in KKH and now he has a clinic in Mt Alvernia.
The good news is, I managed to get an appointment for Adam to see him tomorrow for his general growth assessment and for my Mum to catch up with this old friend of hers and introduce him to her Darling Grandson.

I can also take the opportunity to bug him with my kiasu, kiasi endless list of questions Hehe

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gone fishing!

I put Baby Adam in this fisherman hat, not any other hat/cap, because Daddy A loves fishing and he wants a new kaki to join him!
New recruit: Chubby and cuddly, only drinks milk milk.

Good night my Precious Baby

These few nights Andy & I have been going out (not pak tor, but to keep our appointments), and by the time we come home, Baby Adam is already tucked into bed, sound asleep.
I feel so at peace when I look at my innocent baby sleeping soundly, without a care in the world.
Cant resist kissing him Goodnight and stroking his forehead.
Sometimes he awakens and looks at me groggily and goes back to sleep, other times he is so tired he doesnt care.

I've started Adam on these flash cards my Mum bought for him.
They say it's best to start when your baby is around 3-6mths because they havent developed any strong preferences to things yet and can absorb anything faster.
Im using the Glen Doman method and so far he is enjoying being flashed at HEHE
When I get my act together, I will DIY more Glen Doman style flashcards for him :)

When out with my Mum yesterday after sending Andy to work. There's a pushcart at Causeway Point selling quality baby stuff like: Carters rompers sets, Ralph Lauren baby clothes, Carters bibs, Osh Kosh etc :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kai loves his new piano

Look Mum Im composing music!!

Today I lowered Baby Kai's bed by one notch and fixed up his crib piano so that he could play and amuse himself.
Seem like it works! He likes his toy so much.. my heart swells with love to see my happy sunshine enjoying himself :)

He's due for his 2nd jab this Saturday. He's 3.5mths old this week. Time really flies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tasty treats

Dexterity and gross motor skills to a 3 month old Baby A mean he can grab anything within his reach and put it in his mouth!

Tissue papers are yummy... Chomp chomp..

How do you like my new mustache Mum??

His vocabulary has also increased tremendously. Now, he has added squeals and shrieks to his expanding vocab, along with his "Eh", "Oo", "Bah", "Gah"s, and that never fails to amaze us.

By the way, Baby A is a Bumwear convert!

It's a fact that disposable diapers are a leading cause of pollution to our delicate Mother Nature.
At home, I used to put Baby A in the normal cloth nappies but they dont hold pee very well and tend to leak (even with the nappy cover on).
After that, we put Baby A full time on disposables and that is so sinful and harmful to the environment, not to mention a big waste of $$.
That's until I found Bunwear and I think it's superb!

Read more about Bumwear: HERE
The difference between Bumwear and normal cloth nappies is that Bumwear holds more pee and the terry cloth is very comfy and gentle on baby's skin.
Cloth nappies stay wet once they get wet but Bumwear has an insert to hold the pee and keep the top lining dry.

I bought 4 Bumwear diapers and 5 inserts. Heavy investment! but worth it, what with the "Saving GAIA", Green Earth Day and all :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening = Play time!!

Evenings are Kaikai's allocated playtime because the whole house will be bursting with activity, everyone's back from school/work.
Kaikai will be sitting on his rocker and watching MTV with Andy's brother, or just kicking and waving and babbling to himself or to whoever is talking to him.

One of the most value-for-money things Kaikai has so far, because it is portable, can incline/recline, has music and vibration mode (like massage).
It is a good place to keep him in while we are busy, yet we can keep an eye on him since it can be placed in the living room and kitchen.
It comes with a toy bar to hang overhead but we've removed it to ease carrying him in & out of the rocker.
Best of all, it's a present from Andy's Dad so Thank You Grandpa!

Finally managed to buy one in Lilac.
Kaikai can sit upright in it and he enjoys his Bumbo time. When we bought it, it looked humongous! But after he sat on it, his thighs fill up the space just fine and he's so gonna outgrow it before maximising its lifespan.

Updates on 3 month old Baby Kai:
My precious baby turned 3 months old on 17 Aug 09 Monday.
It still leaves me in awe whenever I think of his birthdate, because when I was in my Week 37, my loved ones, Andy & I were still thinking of a date for my C-section (Kai was breech).
But on the fateful Sunday of 17 May, Baby Kai decided he's had enough of serving belly time and wanted to see the world!
Coincidentally, 17 May is also my brother's gf's birthday and Liping adores Baby Kai so much I hope my brother would marry her soon so she can be part of our family.
17th is also the date Andy & I exchanged vows and tied the knot in January. Maybe that's why our son decided to come out on the 17th too?

At 3 months old, Baby Kai's bowel pattern has changed dramatically.
He used to poop several times a day. When he was much younger, he would poo almost after every feed!
Now, he poops once every 1-2 days, the longest he has gone without pooping is 4 days which is today.. And when he finally poops, he unloads several hundred grams of shit!
And his poop stinks man... -__-
Andy & I were cheering our little man as the potent smell reached our noses, and we both turned to eachother with an expression which says "What am I feeding him?!?!"
Must be all the Chocolate buffet from Fullerton Hahahah!

Our routine:
Im sure every household has a routine for their babies and so do we.
Kai's routine (since he was 1mth old) is:
7am - 8am: Wakes up for morning feed then goes back to sleep

10am: Wakes up again for the start of his new day. Takes his daily morning swims in his tub.

11am: After bathing, sits in rocker because he will be very alert and happy after the bath. Then it's time for another feed.

Throughout the day he feeds, naps and plays either in his rocker, playgym or cot till evening.

6-9pm: Active play time and socialising time with the family.

9-10pm: Sponge bath, change into pajamas and gets his bedtime feed.
Then go to bed. Turn off TV, reduce stimulation. Lights out.