Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fit for a King

Ok, I said I will share some happy news, so here is the "Silver lining in every cloud" post :)

Lady Luck must've been smiling on us, because we won 4D!
We won Starters, and would have won 2nd prize as well if not for a jump in the digits.
But cant ask for more, and because Andy's folks also chipped in some $$, everyone made a little windfall :)

Part of the prize money goes to a new baby walker and a swinging high-chair!

Thanks to Baby Adam for always bringing us luck. This is the 2nd time we won 4D since the arrival of Baby Adam. The first time was on the day we bought his new rocker, and it was that very first time when we sat him down on the rocker while Andy switched on the telecast, our carplate number opened!

Adam's new wheels. Yes, this Daddy fell for the F1 hype.

His new high chair on swivel wheels. Just in time for weaning. Love the adjustable height so the dogs wont steal his food.

So how is our Lil Prince liking his new throne?

Fit for a King.


Trying to contain his excitement.

Then the whacky banging and shrieking that followed:

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