Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Lunar 4th Month!

Baby Adam turned 4 months old according to the Lunar Calendar, and my fav Aunt LY came over early in the morning to pray, and it was the start of an overwhelming day for Baby Adam cos after that, he had to go back to my folks' to pray to our ancestors as well, followed by the inevitable shopping with my Mum.

As a custom, you need to put your 4 mths old (according to Lunar calendar) baby in a walker as a symbol of 快高长大 or "to grow up fast".
So here he is, in his new F1 wheels and trying to comprehend what all this is about!

The whole time he was mostly fixated on the gear-stick because it produces music when you "change gear"

Still fixated on the gear stick and driving his vehicle all over the place!

Technically, he is still only 3mths old, so although he can hold his head up and his feet can touch the ground, I think I will suspend his license for a couple of months before letting him drive again! Kiasi Mummy here.

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