Saturday, November 7, 2009

At Zhor-zhor's.

After a day's shopping in town, we brought Baby A to his great-grandma's.
Here he is, sitting up on his own without support from the adults.
He could even swing his hands excitedly while holding his fav teether, and turn his head while still holding the Sit position.

This is the first time I'm seeing my baby sit up on his own without needing me to hold him.
Does this mean that my baby is needing lesser of me?? Sob sob.

A conversation between Andy & I today:
What do you think of "Alexander"? "Xander" in short.
Andy: Too long.
Me: Ok, how about "Aleric"??
Andy: (pause) sounds too French.
Me: Huh nice name leh... Then what do you want?? "Ang ku kueh" can or not? Very Sing-gah-por-lean.
Andy: (smirks) Ok on!

My hubby just dubbed our future son Ang Ku Kueh Tan. Just like he did to Baby A last time.
In case you're curious, Baby A was almost named:
- Julius Cesar
- Augustus Ignatius
- Johansberg

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