Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby A's new ride.

Received call early this morning from the car agent saying that our new set of squeaky wheels has reached the showroom and is ready for us to go take a look.

Baby A had his cereal and greens.

Then waited for the folks to get dressed.

At the showroom: The youngest driver around.

Our new ride was waiting in the showroom for Master Kai to test drive :)
He loves the sunroof, among all things, and is fixated on the steering wheel.
Andy & I are both delighted to know that Baby A likes his new car.
He'd better, since Daddy bought this car for Mummy to bring Baby A out and to drive to work.

I, especially, love the reverse-camera which activates automatically when the gear hits 'R', and you can see what's going on in the LCD screen. No excuse for being kayu!
Actually, I've been very contented taking the MRT to work all these years, even though we already have 3 cars at home, because Lazy Me loves to sleep on the train and not having to worry about annoying drivers and traffic jams.
So with this new car, I told Andy...

Me: Dear I don't wanna drive it to work lah.
Andy: Huh, then what's the point of buying if you just park it at home???
Me: I'm very happy sleeping on the train and you also know I'm very blur.
Andy: But I want you to save more time so you can come home early everyday.

Didn't expect Hubby to be sooooo sweeeeet... I'm so touched and surprised, maybe because I didn't ask for it, not to mention I least expect it.
Some women want all their lives to marry rich men and lead the Tai-tai life, but I'm very happy with my lot in life, happy to have a loving family and a healthy Baby.
I'm really easy to please :)
THANK YOU HUBBY. You're such a good man. I must've done something good in my past life to deserve someone like you.
I love you so much!

Your wife and Baby A's Mummy

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