Monday, April 1, 2013

Royal Caribbean cruise [Part 2]: Penang and Port Klang

 Day 2: the ship docked at Penang as the first stop so we chartered a mini bus to bring us around.
Time was scarce so it was basically touch-and-go for the experience.

Poor Adam was so tired from all our activities that he fell asleep like this while we had Chendol

Enjoying some icy treats before setting off.
I'm wearing a salmon pink batwing blouse with embroidery from . Denim shorts from Bugis Street.
Bag: Hermes Etoupe evelyne GM III, my trusty "rugged" bag.
Slippers: Tory Burch. Very comfy and something I can wear to death.

Penang Peranakan museum

After Peranakan museum tour, we went to Penang Gurney food street for dinner before heading back to the ship.

Penang laksa: sedup!

Adam and I going crazy in front of my in-laws. Yes, my children can do anything with me as long as it doesn't involve drugs and a real gun. I'm a crazy Mummy like that!

At least all the jumping made a certain baby laugh

Day 3: Port Klang.

At Port Klang

Eat first, shop later. One huge claypot of Bak Kut Teh. Love the flavorful herbal soup.

Oops only these 2 photos from Port Klang because there's nothing much going on there.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop on Adam while he was playing on his own before bedtime but the cabin is only that small and I heard him saying to his imaginary friends, "Oh no, Adam's mummy is here! Quick!" [insert shuffling sound effects which I assume are imaginary friends scampering off].
 It's official - I'm a scary Mumzilla!

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