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Saturday, April 9, 2016

World gourmet Summit Singapore 2016: Mandarin Oriental Hotel feat. Chef Manzano.

From the 28 March to 24 April 2016, the World Gourmet Summit is here in Singapore again, and to my delight, I received an email invitation from Mandarin Oriental about their collaboration with Spanish chef Nacho Manzano.

Any opportunity for good food and drinks with the heart of Singapore as backdrop with the Mr is hard to come by, and we welcomed the chance :)
dolce vita mandarin oriental
At Dolce Vita restaurant, Mandarin Oriental hotel.
We have been to Melt cafe several times for their Sunday lunch buffet with free-flow champagne, but this is our first time to Dolce Vita.

The 10 course menu:

1. Ham croquette "Casa Marcial"

2. Rooster's crest

3. Lichen

4. Sea urchin with Hollandaise sauce

5. Spring

6. Fava beans with cockle

7. Cod tripe

8. A la sal (seabass with artichoke tea)

9. Marinated pigeon (medium rare)

10. Celery pannacotta

Ham croquette "Casa Marcial"

Rooster's crest (the biscuit-like item shaped like a rooster's crest) and Lichen (fried seaweed at the canopy of the little bonzai tree)


Rooster's crest

sea urchin nacho manzano
Sea urchin with Hollandiase sauce.

Buen provecho.


Fava beans with cockle.

Cod tripe.

Sea bass with artichoke tea.

Marinated pigeon, medium rare.

Celery pannacotta, with apple and lime sauce. Nice dish to end the meal!

ootd hermes audemars piguet

world gourmet summit chef nacho manzano
With the gentlemen of the night. 2-star Michelin chef Nacho Manzano and the Hubby of course. We had a wonderful evening. Muy bien, gracias!

Thank you Mandarin Oriental hotel and Chef Manzano for the epicurean experience.
I must admit, the variety tonight is nothing like what we usually have for dinner on weekends (think:  zhi-char food).
It sure is a nice change for our tastebuds to try different textures, sauces and meat once in a while :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

{Travel Tuesday} Roadtrip to Queensland, Australia. PART 1.

PART 1: Getting from Brisbane Airport to Sunshine Coast, then to Gold Coast.
Free-and-easy road trip. 


In 2015, for the Jubilee long weekend in August National Day, our family flew to Queensland for a holiday.
We travelled to many places in 2015 because that is the last time we can jet off on a whim before Adam starts Primary school.
This trip is super backdated because I had made the photos into a coffee-table album and didn't have the energy to repeat another story about it!
Until now that is!

As for most flights with the kids, we took the redeye flight and landed in Brisbane in their morning.
The minute we touched down at Brisbane airport, we could feel the chilly winds on our skin and we had to quickly layer up with our parkas and bomber jackets.
Once we settled our car rental, we drove to PYO (pick-your-own) Strawberry Fields in Sunshine Coast, Qlds.
Our itinerary was to drive from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast.

*In order not to make a wasted trip, please check out their website for the season!

pyo strawberry fields sunshine coast

PYO Strawberry Fields:133 Laxton Rd
Palmview, QLD, 4553
Exit 190 off Bruce Highway.

 It was a HUGE farm which wasn't populated. In fact, there were only a couple more families besides ours.
Lots of opportunities to pick big, juicy strawberries without bumping into others.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2015.

December is usually a month of travel for us, being Andy's birthday month, school holidays and all.
When we are actually in town, it is filled with a frenzy of gift-shopping and party-going.
This year, I managed to squeeze in some free time to bring the boys to Gardens by the Bay for the second year running of Christmas Wonderland as we missed it last year.
To be honest, the carnival and light-up totally surpassed my expectations as we were treated to a feast for the senses.
My little elves decked in green, ready to soak in the festive cheer :)

This upside-down mirror trick-eye thing was quite a hit with the big kids.

Prices of rides and games.

The carnival games have really attractive prizes!
2-5 tokens ($4 - $10) each round.

christmas wonderland 2015 fairground gardens by the bay mumzilla
Adam is very pro at funfair games. He actually won 1 red Baymax plushie first, but Ashton started crying because he couldn't win, and korkor Adam helped Ashton win one too.
Proud of my big boy!

We didn't have such luck at the other games because they were tough >_<

christmas wonderland 2015 gardens by the bay, mumzilla blog carousel
$6 per ride (3 tokens), but accompanying parent for small children go on for free.

helter skelter christmas wonderland gardens by the bay
My boys recognized the Helter Skelter because it is in one of their Peppa Pig books. Ahhh the power of reading.
Standing at 14m in height, the Helter Skelter wins The Slide at T3 Changi Airport!
However, there is a height limit for this, so be sure to measure up!

$8 (4 tokens) per ride.

Ice-cream and cold drinks beckon.

$6 per train ride (3 tokens).

Candy floss, $2 per stick. My Double As were happy to end their evening with some sweet treats before their Daddy came to fetch us home for dinner.
Thanks to Gardens by the Bay and Blue Sky Events, there is not a need to travel into the blistering cold countries just to enjoy the yuletide season.
With its European style festive market and carnivals, and Italian Luminarie light sculptures, there is something for people of all ages.
Looks like we will be back next year!

About Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland:
27 Nov 2015 - 03 Jan 2016
Time: 4pm - 11pm.

Snow blizzard timings:
Mon - Thur and Sundays: 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm.
Fri & Sat: 8pm, 9pm, 9:45pm.

Admission is FREE but do check out the various prices for rides and games.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adam's Minecraft 6th Birthday.

Look who's turning SIX today?
Full of fun and laughter and play!
Oh boy, our first born, Adam, is SIX.
Which means I've been a mother for s i x years. Scary!
Adam wanted a Minecrafty birthday theme this year and as his [ahem] awesome mother who's brilliantly gifted at throwing fabulous themed parties, his wish is my command! 
Adam's AWESOME, smashin' Minecraft cake!

Jess from Sweet Perfection is my only favourite cake lady who has the special ability to transform any idea or photo sample into reality.
She does magic with her hands I wish I am half like her.
If you click on the Birthday links on the right hand side of my blog, the 3D fondant cakes are done by her.
A cake is the centre piece at any party, and the last thing you want to worry about is having an epic fail cake! With Jess, I never have to worry. #notasponsoredpost

My Birthday Boy is Steve, and Ashton is Creeper. I think Ashton doesn't mind being Creeper because he doesn't know how creepy Creeper is. HEHE!

I went to source for Minecraft head gear and bought Minecraft Lego for his present. (There are 2 sets because the smaller set is for Ashton).
My kids only receive big ticket presents on three occasions every year - their birthdays and Christmas.
Yeap, my children lead very deprived lives.

Poor Adam had a sudden onset of fever the night before his school party and I stayed up all night oiling and sponging him.
I prayed that by morning his fever would break but it didn't.
He woke up at 0700am on Friday morning and told me feebly "Mummy I cannot go to school today, can we celebrate with my friends on Monday?"
In my head I was thinking Shucks. I can't be taking so many days Childcare leave at one stretch right?!
Time for a contingency plan. I oiled him, bathed him in cold shower and fed him some Panadol syrup.
Thank God the fever went off so I called his school and said he will be missing lessons today as he is not well but we will still be there for his party.
Thankfully his school agreed to let me bring an ill child to school just for the celebration otherwise a poor boy will be mighty disappointed. *Phew!*
So off to school we went, with Ashton in tow!
Look at the happy grin of my precious Adam.

Adam was overjoyed to be surrounded by his friends and showing off his Minecraft cake.
Apparently, Minecraft is a hit with all the children because they all went crazy over it. The boys could name all the characters on the cake!

Class shot with his teacher Mrs Ang. She's a nice and motherly teacher, God bless her.
This will be the last birthday celebration Adam has in kindy and I feel a bit sad already!

This year, I have an ordinary wish for you, Adam:
"Do  not  ask  your  children  to  strive  for  extraordinary  lives.
Such striving may seem admirable, but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show   them   the   joy   of   tasting  tomatoes,  apples  and   pears.
Show   them   how   to   cry   when   pets   and   people   die.
Show  them  the  infinite  pleasure  in  the  touch  of  a  hand.
And   make   the   ordinary   come   alive   for   them.
The    extraordinary    will    take    care    of    itself."
- "That Parent's Tao Te Ching" by William Martin.
May you grow up to be a healthy and happy child.
Lots of love,
Mummy and Daddy.