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Young Living for your children.

Having two kids (toddler and pre-school age) of my own, I am particularly interested in children behaviour and well-being.
Once you've used essential oils to improve your children's health physically (eg. Thieves, RC, Peppermint), you can now better concentrate on another aspect - their cognitive and psychosocial development.
Growing up and going to school may seem like a natural and normal process to you, but to children it can be extremely frightening and stressful. They are learning about the big wide world, yet at the same time are being thrown into uncertainty all the time.
Here are some oils which have been widely and safely used on children of school-going age, with positive results from parents.
The smaller bottles (5ml = approx 100 drops of oils per bottle) are from my FIRST Everyday Oils kit which has lasted me for over 2 months!

Cedarwood: Contains the highest percentage (98%) of sesquiterpenes, meaning they are highly effective in crossing the blood brain barrier and reaching the limbic system. Cedarwood is capable of stimulating the brain and is therefore also known as a "sleepy oil" because it promotes Melatonin production. Cedarwood is widely used for reducing brain "fog" and allows mental clarity.
I rub one drop onto Adam's crown at night after bath when his hair is still damp and pores are still open, and one drop onto his brainstem before bedtime.

Frankincense: Regenerates cells, helps in concentration and lifts depression. Frankincense can also stimulate limbic system of the brain, and has been known for its wide healing and regenerating properties.

Peppermint: With its unmistakable strong aroma once you open the cap, Peppermint is an affordable and quick way to promote focus and concentration. One drop on the back of the neck (near brainstem), and rubbed on the temples is all you need for the instant mood lift. I rub one drop near Adam's brainstem before he goes for his abacus class on Tuesday evenings, and it helps him stay alert in class. His teacher has remarked that he is focused in doing abacus, sometimes doing faster than his classmates. By his 8th lesson (there are 10 lessons a term), he has already finished an entire workbook and upgraded to another workbook of higher difficulty.
One caution is that Peppermint is a "hot" oil and 1-to-1 dilution (1 drop Peppermint + 1 drop carrier oil) is recommended if applying directly onto children's skin.

Peace & Calming: This is one of the most popular oils for babies and children alike. It is also safe for pregnancy, and is used to relief tension. It is relaxing and reduces hyperactivity. I use it 30 minutes before bedtime for Adam as a night massage routine, and it helps him fall asleep faster. No more tossing and turning, and he's never wet the bed or woken up in the middle of the night since using Peace & Calming. Better quality sleep results in a relaxed and focused child in the day-time. Some parents even use it before going to school to relieve stress and anxiety.

Lavender: Lavender is no stranger to relaxing ambiences at spas, and when used in the home, it aids calming of the body. It also helps induce sleep. Rub on the soles of children's feet because it is very strong. If using for back massage, dilution with carrier oil is needed.

Valor: aka Chiropractor in a bottle. Balances the body, balances internal energy (or "qi"), instils courage and self-esteem. A very nice, bluish, aromatic oil which promotes grounding and strengthening. Valor is often used not just for body and bones alignment (scoliosis, pain), but also for children with Autism and ADHD who have learning difficulties and problems coping In school as Valor instils confidence in them.

You may notice that most of the oils will produce same or similar effects on children, and are commonly used for Autistic or ADHD kids.
This does not mean that a normal child cannot use these oils, and definitely not all children who are hyper are sufferers of ADHD/ADD, and not all quiet introverts as classified as Autistic.

 You've gotten some of the oils you need for the family, now what?
Other than applying neat/ diluted with carrier oils onto your skin (body's largest organ), you can also diffuse the oils.
Essential oils are so potent and have such tiny molecular structure, allowing them to pass through blood brain barrier to reach your pineal gland and limbic system of the brain.
When you diffuse the oils, the precious molecules are suspended in the atmospheric air and inhaled directly into your system.
Afterall, that's where the word "aromatherapy" comes from.
Did you know? Only Young Living brand of diffusers can be used to diffuse YL EOs.
Other brands of diffuser/ humidifier will destroy the therapeutic properties of your precious oils, and certainly NO burning with a tealight!
However, you may diffuse other brands of EOs in your YL diffuser.
That's the difference in quality you pay for.
So now, fill your diffuser with a few drops of your favourite oil, diffuse, and take a deep breath.

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  1. I love diffusing essential oils. I diffuse them to help me relax, make my home smell great, help my boys focus when doing their homework, Young Living has the best essential oils! This one is amazing but when looking for an essential oil company.


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