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One oil at a time: Abundance from Young Living.

Hello hello~! This is gonna be a fun post about another of Young Living's oils, Abundance.

noun: abundance; plural noun: abundance

"a very large quantity of something."
Now that you've gotten your "wellness" oils, you can direct your energy to something productive, something better.

Abundance is a blend oil which has the 8 powerful oils (8 is the number of wealth for Chinese):

Myrrh: One of the three gifts to infant Jesus, Myrrh has the frequency of wealth, amplifies the law of attraction. It is high in sesquiterpenes which improves oxygenation to the brain.

Frankincense: Also one of the gifts to infant Jesus by the three wise men, Frankincense is, too, high in sesquiterpenes. Like Myrrh, Frankincense are worth their weight in gold, therefore, people who possess these oils are believed to attract the energy of prosperity and abundance. Frankincense has cancer-fighting properties which is widely discussed and researched if you do a search on Google.

Patchouli: Highly regarded in India for attracting wealth (as of clove in South India), Patchouli is high in alpha- pinenes and sesquiterpenes. Alpha-pinenes also have the ability to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier to stimulate the human growth hormone. It has calming and relaxing effects.

Orange: Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind because of its rich, citrusy scent which lifts the spirit. It is rich in the powerful anti-oxidant d-limonene. It is used in Abundance because it creates joy in a person.

Ginger: Ginger has stimulating properties on the gastrointestinal tract. It is commonly used to soothe, comfort and balance digestion. Ginger promotes energy circulation in the body and is widely used in Chinese and Indian medicine to protect the body against a host of diseases. Emotionally, it gives courage.

Clove: Clove has a sweet, spicy aroma that is stimulating and revitalising. Clove oil is highly prized in South India as it is associated with wealth. With its antioxidant properties, it will create abundance in health.

Cinnamon bark: Having a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system, cinnamon bark is a powerful oxygenator, meaning it can improve oxygenation to the brain. It also enhances the activity of other oils.

Spruce: Like Ginger, Spruce was added to Abundance blend for its grounding and balancing effect, giving the user courage.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

Abundance works with the "law of attraction", which means the things you attract things to yourself.

This oil blend is known as "Fengshui in a bottle".
It has the frequency to attract wealth and prosperity to you.
 Each oil has a frequency, as do our bodies have frequencies.
Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy.
Higher frequencies can influence substances of lower frequencies. For eg. Sacred Frankincense can destroy cancer cells.
Low frequencies make physical changes in our body.
Middle frequencies make emotional changes in our body, and
High frequencies make spiritual changes in our body.


This is my husband's favourite oil. We diffuse Abundance in the bedroom or living room before he has any meeting with clients.
Specifically, I will diffuse it at about 6AM in the mornings, because I wake up earliest in my household on weekdays. Hubby wakes up at 8am. That's effectively 2 hours of inhaling the Abundance molecules.
When you are asleep, your breathing pattern stabilizes, especially during non-REM sleep, therefore oxygenation is optimized.

Photo shared by YL member, unfortunately it is not watermarked so if this photo belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit to the rightful person :)
*Edit to add: photo is from Kai, owner of ONE Drop Singapore, and idea taught by Yvonne Zee.
Wish I knew about Young Living when we renovated our first home three years back!

Other ways of applying Abundance oil include diffusing it in your room / office, or applying on your wrists and chest before meeting a client.
I even read of some people putting 1 or 2 drops into their wallet!
Of course, this is not rocket science so there is no hard and fast rule to oiling.
Do whatever makes you happy and prosper.
And always keep a bottle of vegetable oil or carrier oil on hand in case the essential oils are too strong for you.
Essential oils are oil-based, not water-based. Water drives them deeper into your skin, making the burning effect more, while oils will dilute the essential oils.

Here's to blessings in abundance after oiling! :)

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