Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I reversed Adam's teeth decay and saved myself $3000.

Adam has teeth decay. Holy schmoly!

On 30 Jan 2014 after a routine dental check: CARIES HIGH ALERT!
Adam's regular dentist, let's call her Dentist A, said she wouldn't do it without general anaesthesia because he had a total of 7 cavities, the rest being small ones.
We were shocked because just slightly more than 6 months prior, Adam had 2 fillings done and was discharged with no major teeth issues.
We then brought him to Dentist B for a second opinion, thinking there was a chance she would help Adam with fillings without GA. We were wrong, and $160 poorer for the consultation and dental Xrays. She also suggested more things to be done than Dentist A, which are root canal treatment and crowning. This left me in even greater shock.

I went around asking friends and colleagues, and they mostly agreed that dental caries in children are super common nowadays, and GA is usually required to fix their (milk) teeth.
I've never heard of root canal treatment and crowning for pre-schoolers before this.
In my entire life, I have only had 3 fillings done!

Since Andy wasn't keen on putting our child under anaesthesia for root canal treatment, fillings and crowning, (on milk teeth somemore!) and Adam wasn't complaining of pain or anything, we decided to skip dental surgery and instead, I decided to try my luck on oils once again.


On 11 Jan 2015, two weeks later. 12 days, to be exact.
2nd molar has regenerated, and the last molar cavity appears smaller.

Our bathroom now welcome 2 Spidey electric toothbrushes as an addition to their dental regime.

Why choose Young Living toothpaste for kids? Here's why:

On top of that, I made my own "dental spray" which consisted of Organic coconut oil, Young Living Wintergreen and Lemon essential oils.
As Wintergreen is a hot oil, I only used 5 drops (+ 5 drops Lemon) with 5ml of coconut oil.
It is very diluted but you can still smell Wintergreen in it if you open the cap. I hope this makes sense to you :)

After brushing teeth, spritz a few drops into the mouth*, targeting the black cavity holes.

*Only therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living are safe to be ingested!
Please do not ingest or let your children ingest any other brand of essential oil if they aren't therapeutic grade!

 Source for graphics: Google images and Pinterest.

As a bedtime routine, I also apply YL Wintergreen and Valor on Adam's jaws: 1 drop of each oil neat (undiluted) on each jaw. Dilution may be necessary if the child finds Wintergreen hot.

Wintergreen is known to reverse tooth decay, build bone density, and Valor is a Chiropractor in a bottle.
Google them for their amazing range of uses and testimonials!

I also recently bought the most expensive fermented cod liver oil and butter oil I could land my hands on.
Read that Cod liver oil is good for strong teeth and overall general health in children.

What's the difference between fermented cod liver oil VS normal cod liver oil?
 [ Fermentation allows the fat soluble vitamins and beneficial oils to separate from the rest of the liver without damaging the fat soluble vitamins (unlike in some methods like heat processing where the vitamins are damaged). This cool temperature fermentation process allows the cod liver oil to maintain its Omega-3, Vitamin D and Vitamin A content. This also makes the nutrients more absorbable to the body ...
Unlike many Omega-3 supplements, Fermented Cod Liver Oil is cold processed through fermentation so it retains high levels of fat soluble vitamins and Omega-3s and these are not damaged by high temperatures.
Fermented Cod Liver oil Contains Vitamins A and D, which are both necessary for many aspects of health. While we can get Vitamin D from sunlight, Vitamin A can be harder to consume or absorb and FCLO is an excellent source, and it is difficult to obtain.]
Thanks for reading our experience on reversing Adam's dental caries. I certainly hope that with continued use of Young Living's oils and continuing our stringent health regime, Adam's teeth will be alright and at least last till his deciduous teeth make way for permanent ones!
So there, here's how we saved ourselves $3000, and the heartache and pain of letting Adam go through dental surgery.
Don't tell your dentist :)
*Disclaimer: this post is to share my personal encounter, and is in no way meant to diagnose or treat any health conditions. If doubtful, always consult a doctor.
This post is brought to you by a state registered nurse, a mum of two, and a healthcare freak.
** Thanks everyone for your overwhelming response and enquiries! I have edited this article to add on some answers and additonal graphics/ link to your questions, namely about the use of Wintergreen and the difference in fermented cod liver oil as compared to normal cod liver oil.
I hope you find this article useful :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Penelope's 1st BIRTHDAY

Our niece (Andy's cousin's daughter) celebrated her 1st birthday last weekend and I always love pink-themed parties and wish I have a daughter myself!
 Time to roll out the pink carpet for baby Penelope's birthday :)

The hostess with the moistest decked in Minnie polka-dot dress. Cute!

My Adam became so skinny after his food posioning and hospitalization episode while we were in Bali.

Outfit of the day:
Electric blue top: Mango MNG
Skinny jeans: Levis
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats (mega love for this pair as they are sooo comfy)
Bag: Hermes Lindy in Rouge Garance
Other accessories: Christian Dior tribal pearl earrings & Lovisa red necklace


It's been quite some time since I posted something personal instead of sponsored.
Thanks for dropping by and have a good day you all.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

[Sponsored] Order your meal at!

As part of their #save1hourSG campaign, we were sponsored by the kind people at Food Panda to try their online meal order system.
It was very timely as three days ago, we hosted an intimate dinner for 01012015 with our immediate families and meal ordering was what we needed!
*Ding Dong* goes the doorbell and it was the Food Panda delivery guy at the door with our order!

We even ordered a suckling pig (but not from Food Panda).

Hubby cooked chicken curry. Yummeh! This is one of the only 2 dishes we cooked that night.

This is what we ordered from Food Panda: Shi Fu Ge Imperial Pot (something like Crab in a bag).
Second time eating Imperial Pot and we only have praises for this seafood-in-a-bag dish.

My younger brother playing Minecraft with Adam.

No party is a party without bubbly!

Thank you Food Panda for your generous sponsorship to us this festive season.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate your gesture!
Ordering our food online makes the whole party-hosting a very stress-free and fuss-free affair.
No oily walls and kitchen floors to clean up. No need to scrub the stove.
No need to get all dirty and sweaty cooking in the kitchen. Yay me!
I spent quality time with my family members and kids. It was winsome.
#save1hourSG #foodpanda
Check out Food Panda for ordering your meals. They cater from a range of restaurants such as Omar Shariff, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, and serve a range of international cuisine :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

[Sponsored review] Star Master night lamp, the perfect gift under $20!

Hi everyone! The Tans had an extremely busy end to 2014 with Mummy being on leave for the month of December and being SAHM to Adam and Ashton but there just ain't much staying-home to do at all because everyday was filled with different activities.
While we were away for our family holiday in Bali during the Christmas week, a lovely little parcel arrived for us.

Star Master Night Lamp projector light

Photos are not colour edited nor specially enhanced. Taken with my Canon 10-22mm lens.
Thank you for this lovely Christmas present. The children like it so much and I am glad the coloured LEDs could be turned off when they children are asleep, leaving only the subtle white light which isn't too glaring and is just nice even when I co-sleep with the boys (I'm the type who needs to sleep in total darkness).
Their Outer Space themed room is further enhanced with this Star Master Night Lamp! :)
If you're looking for gifts during this festive period, the Star Master Night Lamp is priced at an affordable $12, and all Mumzilla readers are entitled to a $3 discount if you enter this discount coupon: bicyclesdiscount
This discount coupon is applicable for other purchases as well.
*Doorstep delivery of SGD$6 applies.