Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm a 15-weeker, and we've started on the nursery :)

Time has definitely gone by in a blink.
I recently went for my antenatal checkup in my 15th week, and will be scheduled for my 20-week FA scan somewhere mid-April.

This time round we've started preparing for the nursery early, which is currently also Adam's Play Room.
We should be putting the cot and some baby stuff there, but I'm kinda nervous to know Adam's reaction when the time comes where he realizes he's gonna have to share his Play Room, the first among many other things he's gotta have to share.

The toys, electric breast pump and safari cot set are from the recent Taka baby fair which is still on-going until 25 March 2012.
We also couldn't resist buying a Bugaboo Bee in the newest model (not from baby fair though)!

If you're wondering why we have to buy so many things since this is not our first-born, well that's because when we shifted to our own place we gave away 90% of the baby stuff, including our Bugaboo Cameleon !!! All FOC!
The Cameleon is actually borrowed by a couple-friend, but I'm not sure if it's just me, I don't feel comfortable asking people for stuff back. What about you???

When I gave birth to Adam, I had some people give me stuff like sarongs (for confinement), nursing covers, and stuff like that.
(Ok, I say "give" in the sentence above because they will always say "Hey I have this/that to pass to you so you don't have to buy". They never said to lend me or that they'd want it back some day)

Then when I've forgotten all about them (you know how FAST kids outgrow their milestones), these same people start asking me for their stuff back, to pass on to their niece/ cousin/ friend who's just given birth. Oh. My. God. Whenever I received calls or SMSes like those, I always felt a missed heartbeat when I frantically try to recall where I chucked the said stuff.
You know how it is, I was staying with my in-laws, we had limited space. Everything was stashed everywhere!!!! Where on earth do I go pull out the nursing covers / sarongs/ tummy binder all of a sudden?!?!?!
Out my ASS????

I've also given Adam's infancy stuff to other people but I've never ever thought of asking for them back. Seriously. Even my $2000-Bugaboo Cameleon, for goodness' sake! Even though this couple-friend said they would like to "borrow" it, we've never thought of asking it back from them, especially when their kid is still less than a year-old and expecting their 2nd child to0.
Maybe that's just us (thank goodness Andy & I are alike in more ways than you can imagine), or are we too generous ??

Anyway, back to the topic of preparing for the nursery. So... this time round, we decided we will start over and prefer buying the stuff we need again. Full stop. (Unless people are buying stuff for the Baby Shower, that's another story.)


  1. you are a showoff! Quit telling people how rich your hub is, horny bitch! You are just a simpleton tai-tai, and your blog shows that, no content!

  2. Hi Anonymous, my blog serves as a purpose for me to document memories from my life as a wife & mum. Whether or not we are poor or rich or middle-class is not the purpose of my blog and I've never declared my husband's income so it's funny how you deduce our financial status, which actually is none of your Biz. Im v grateful for my family and loved ones, not some inferior coward who chooses to lurk behind an Anon status. it's Ok if you do not rejoice in other people's joys. Dont like what you are reading? Please do yourself a big favour and bugger off :)


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