Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday Champagne brunch at Mandarin Oriental

Fred (the guy in the centre) is leaving Singapore, going back to France, so we decided to hold a farewell lunch for him, and with the kids in tow, Paul thought of a grand plan - babysitting, play area for kids, great buffet spread, and alcohol.

We went to Mandarin Oriental for their Sunday champagne brunch.

Somehow one of my weirdest cravings this pregnancy is alcohol. I've been craving for Cosmos and cold icy mixes. So too bad I could only take a few sips of the Dom Perignon. Bleah.

And the luncheon didn't progress as well as I thought it would, because Adam wouldn't be with Morgan and insisted on sticking with me THE WHOLE TIME.
At first, our designated server had brought both boys to the Play room, and I did mental cartwheels thinking I could relax and enjoy some adult-time finally.
Wrong. 10 min later, the server came back with a black-haired whiny kid. Oh goodness, that kid is MINE.
Adam has been clingy like cling-wrap ever since we broke the news that I'm pregnant.
Andy & I think it's only right for him to be involved in the new baby as much as we are, but we didn't expect him to be pesky to this extent.

So anyway, everyone enjoyed the meetup except me of course.
I was reluctantly forced to babysit Adam the whole time and deal with his what-nots.
But this gathering is not about me. It's about wishing Fred all the best and hope his father recovers from surgery soon (the main reason he's going home).

As for me, I think for the remaining 5 months or so, I'm better off :
- not having a social life
- leaving him with my aunt / in-laws
- swapping him for a better-behaved kid.

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