Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lyndsey is ONE!

My neighbour's daughter Lyndsey celebrated her 1st Birthday today and Adam was very happy to be invited. He's been anticipating the party, looking forward to the cake and goodie bag and singing Birthday songs in the morning :)

Before we left the house, I had already warned him with the "We are going home immediately if you misbehave" threat 100x and made sure I drilled it in his head that I was not prepared to be dealing with any nonsense.

Glad my little soldier enjoyed himself and was really an angel at the party. He didn't fuss, he didn't throw tantrums and he played quietly by himself.
I'm so proud of him! Considering how annoying he's been lately.

Ok this is a short post because it's been a long day for me (we had a Parc Lumiere party and we went after the birthday celebration to get Adam some balloons, popcorn and ice-cream).
Good night!

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  1. what a cute kids :)

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