Saturday, March 3, 2012

OoooOhh I'm lucky

Adam is obsessed with trains and fire-engines.
One evening, after watching Fireman Sam videos on his iPad, he suddenly asked to be a Fireman. Oh my goodness, sometimes it can be very trying to deal with requests of toddlers who insist on having things that have finished / do not exist in the house!
I searched everywhere around the house for a water hose and helmet for my Mr Fireman.

In this photo, he is actually Fireman Sam (please do not be misleaded by the word on his helmet) putting out fire with his hose, which in reality is the suction hose we use for sucking our pond's fish-shit , which I found in the toilet. We now have a happy kid. Great!

Here, he is diagnosing why his trains are sick (lying on their sides on the floor)

and he gives them an injection.

P.S. Adam is going 80% diaperless now. He only wears diapers to bed or when we go out, and even so, sometimes he will tell me "Mommy I need to pee and I don't want to pee in the diapers" No more cleaning up messy poopy bums!

P.P.S I have conversations with Adam every night before he goes to bed, mostly about what we are going to do the following day (school/ Ah Ma's house/ an outing, etc)

Tonight, our conversation went like this:
Adam: Mommy I am going to bed ok?
Me: Ok. Your milk is here. Good night baby.
Adam: Tomorrow we are going to Ah Ma's house?
Me: Tomorrow's Sunday. We will be going to meet your Grandaunt (Aunt LY) in the afternoon and then we'll meet your Ah Ma for dinner. Is that Ok?
Adam: Ok. Good night Mommy.
Me: Good night baby. I love you.
Adam: I love YOU, Mommy.

OooooOohhh I'm lucky lucky LUCKY. I have a beautiful family and I'm a Mom, and my son loves me!
Oh thank you God, I'm really blessed.

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