Sunday, August 19, 2012

I may be the dumbest Mom

The other night while reading a Dinosaur book to Adam, he popped a classic w- question:

Adam: Mummy where do dinosaurs come from?

Me: They hatched from dinosaur eggs.

Adam: where do the dinosaur eggs come from?

Me: I don't know. Go ask Daddy.
(This has become my favourite response when I dont have answers. Push everything to the other DNA-contributor. Muahahahaha~ Which is also why I suspect my son thinks I'm dumb. Why does Mummy always say I-dunch-know?)

Why has no one ever warned me how tiring talking to a toddler may be?
Because one needs to actually pause & think of answers. And damn, some questions are tough.
I'd be happier to answer "Where do babies come from".
I have anticipated and prepared several text-book answers to this, but Dinosaurs? Seriously?

All people said was - don't worry it will only get better.
Not true.
I like infants the best. The more they grow, the lesser I like them (half kidding).
The sleep-wake-poop cycle is actually the best time in motherhood. If ima do it all over again, ima pop a champagne and enjoy my moment in the bath-tub while the baby is still a non-talking and non-moving, er, baby.
When these poop-machines start flipping/crawling/grabbing you will battle them for 20 mins just to wipe a slimy bum & put a clean diaper on.
When they start cruising & walking? You will need eyes at the back of your heads. And preferably you have 8 arms too, like an octopus, to better block/reach out/ grab/ shield/ catch with.
Then it won't be long before these little cutesy-pants start running, and once they start, running will be their only mode of transport on land. And likely yours too.
When they start talking, conversations go off like these:

Mummy I'm going to eat my booger
Mummy I want to pee in the pond.
Mummy where are we going?
Mummy why do we need to eat?
Mummy what are we eating?
Mummy who is calling you on your handphone?
Mummy what is she telling you about?

One fine day, they grow up too quickly & rather than worshipping you, they suddenly think that you embarrass them.
They won't hold your hand or kiss you no more.
You think back and wonder why in the world you wished they grew up quickly.
Maybe then it'll be my turn to pester him with my w- questions.

Adam why do I adore you so much?
Adam why do you grow up so fast?
Adam will you love Mummy forever?
Adam will you still hold my hand and kiss me when I'm old and frail?
Adam why do I love you so much?

Now, can anyone pray tell me, where on earth do Dinosaurs come from?

credit source: google images

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