Monday, July 1, 2013

Cousin Sebastian's 1st Birthday!

 If you live in a huge family like ours, birthdays and gatherings are a big thing!
Hubby's nephew (Hub's cousin's son) celebrated his 1st birthday last Sunday at NSRCC.
Mickey Mouse themed party, much to the delight of Adam!

So much effort in the party set-up.

Birthday boy Sebastian with Cousin Cindy and her Hubby.

Difficult to get a decent photo with children! They either don't smile or don't look at the camera.

My rascals with the life-sized Mickey balloon.

Self-made gift favours. I love DIY favours, adds a personal touch for the guests!

Having thrown countless parties for my own kids, I know how tiring it is to put a party together: the guest list, the venue, the caterer, small but important details like will the guests have enough seats, general age group of guests, most importantly,who bakes the CAKE! Geez...
I'm now having mental checklists about Ashton's party already! Stress.
Thanks for inviting us, Cindy!
May Sebastian be blessed with good health and always be a joy to your lives.

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