Friday, July 12, 2013

[Media event] Baby Bjorn carrier One VIP Launch party.

As a parent, you must have heard of or personally experienced a child who resists sitting in a stroller.
Ashton is one such baby, therefore for the first time in motherhood, despite having another baby  before, I'm using a carrier extensively on Ashton. Bless my petite body!
Today, I am very honoured to be invited to the VIP launch party of Baby Bjorn's new carrier, the BABYBJĂ–RN Carrier One.

The many different ways of baby-wearing with this new carrier.

The ambassadors giving their opinions about Carrier One.

With one of the Ambassadors, Taufik, and his 13 mth old daughter.
Speech by Executive Director of Mothercare, Ms Pang Shu Min, on the evolution of Baby Bjorn carriers.

Live demo on the carrier.

Talk on body mechanics and common physiological problems in parents and children, by Paediatric physiotherapist Ms Aparna, from Physioinmotion.

Trying out the Carrier One on Ashton. He looks all wrapped up but he was actually very comfortable in it. I give it 2 thumbs up!

The event ended with refreshments for everyone.

Did you know that the first Baby Bjorn carrier was born 40 years ago? That's 10 years before I was even born!
As I was pre-occupied in the previous month working with VW for their photoshoot and launch of their new GTI, I missed the trial of Carrier One as one of its ambassadors prior to the launch. Pity!

Having personally used the Bjorn Active and Synergy, and now the all new Carrier One, I would say my favourite of the 3 is Carrier One.
Firstly, the weight is distributed on your hips instead of your shoulders and back so you do not feel the strain. Once the staff helped me prop Ashton inside, I immediately felt the positive difference!
I even walked around in it for a while to trial it.
Secondly, with the new function of carrying it with your baby on your back, it allows you to wear older children. As Taufik's wife, a work-from-home-mum (WFHM) shared with me, she said it was handy as she carried her daughter on her back hence she was able to bake her orders with ease.
I'm rating Carrier One's function 5 stars because it has surpassed my expectations of a baby carrier.
Previous Bjorn carriers allowed for baby to be worn in front, but Carrier One allows parents to wear their babies front- or parent-facing, as well as being worn on parents' backs.
It wears better than my current Synergy even with my 10kg, 10 month old baby in it.
The guideline states for use up to 15kg.
Not only it is made of the same mesh material as Synergy, it also did not compromise the aesthetics part of a carrier. To be honest, I love fashion, but the back panel of the Synergy creases my blouses. This Carrier One does not have the panel on the back, so that's definitely a plus!
The only thing is I wish they came up with other colours instead of just black. I would love to see it in White, or even bi-coloured.
Apart from colour choices, I also feel that the closure clasps of Carrier One do not give me as much peace-of-mind as the Synergy, in which the former uses snap-clasps VS the latter uses slot-in pins about 3 inches long to secure.
At a whooping cost of $289, not all parents can bear to part with such money on a carrier, especially first-time parents who do not know whether their baby would like being strapped in a carrier.
Same goes to buying anything expensive for our babies (Jumperoo, exersaucer, stroller) - it's a gamble.
Overall, I would still recommend the Carrier One for the following reasons:
- If you do not drive.
- If you often go out with baby alone and need hands-free to carry diaper/shopping bag.
- Traveling to not-so stroller-friendly countries like Hong Kong and Bangkok.
- Value-for-money carrier which can be used from birth to toddlerhood.
- Short trip to nearby mall / supermarket and do not want to block shopping aisles with your stroller.
- Convenience of not having to wait for elevators at crowded malls as you can easily take escalator while wearing your baby.
My only grouse is, why didn't Bjorn design this marvellous carrier 10 months earlier!



  1. Same here veron.. For me is 12 months earlier.. I 1st bought synergy then ergo.. Carrier 1 is e combination of e above both I m looking for.. :( so tempted.. R u getting??

    1. Rac, I know right!

      I'm tempted to buy, especially with a HK trip coming up next month, but the husband may think I'm crazy for getting 3 carriers for 1 baby who's gonna outgrow it soon.
      *smacks forehead*

      Let me know if you buy it!


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