Monday, July 29, 2013

Less is more: achieving that dewy look.

My poor Adam is down with fever for 2 days in a row now, and I foresee it's gonna be another long night of sponging, temperature taking and Panadol-feeding.

I decided to use this time to do a bit of blogging and found some backlogged photos of my recently purchased mineral foundation. Makeup is seldom talked about on my blog, not because I don't apply makeup, but because my makeup regime is mostly barely there.
I'm lazy and my mornings are crazy. And I'm a sucker for the dewy, un-made up look.

My package from Everyday Minerals arrived in the mail!

From left to right: Matte base mineral foundation, concealer, and Kabuki brush.

Everyday Minerals foundation coverage:

Although it is in powder form, I am surprised at the amount of coverage it provides even when used alone.
I use it alone on days when I want to let my skin breathe, and over Maybelline liquid foundation on days I need more coverage.

If used alone, I first apply a thin layer of sunscreen makeup base, then I use concealer on my freckles and dark circles.
After that, I use the Kabuki brush to pick up the powder, and then press on gently but firmly on the middle of my face and slowly dust in a circular outward motion.
Repeat the steps on entire face until desired coverage is achieved.

I like that it doesn't clog pores and plus I'm a big fan of mineral and natural makeup stuff... so... I'm quite easily sold on this one.

I've only used Everyday Minerals for as long as I can remember as my mineral powder foundation and have never tried other brands from Sephora because I'm very happy with EDM.

 Next up, I would like to share with you my favourite drugstore brands of basics:
Bourjois concealer stick in 1 shade lighter than my normal skin tone; MAC concealer in NW25 (1 shade darker than my skin tone); Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation, and lastly, Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral liquid foundation.

Maybelline Pure Eraser Mineral liquid foundation coverage:

 It's very sheer and does little to provide you any coverage, if at all.
However, I am into my 4th tube now, and I love it as a base for my EDM powder when I need extra-lasting coverage from morning till dusk and no touch-up.
Plus, it comes with SPF27 PA+++ so I can basically skip sunscreen.
I like that it comes in a twist tube with a sponge applicator for easy application.
Firstly, I apply dots on my forehead, nose, and cheeks and blend with a separate sponge.
Just a small amount goes a long way because after that I will still dust on my EDM powder.
Once blended onto my skin, I apply concealer: the darker shade first on the freckles and dark circles, then lighter shade on top to achieve the shade closest to my skin tone.

Once concealer is applied, I dust on my EDM powder to set but I use lesser amount than I would if I used EDM alone.
 Next, my new purchase from Watsons: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation.
I bought this simply because I was itchy-backside and wanted to try something new.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation coverage:
 Due to its mousse texture, the application can be tricky but the trick is to start off with as little as possible and build your coverage up.

It provides more coverage than Maybelline Pure Eraser mineral foundation, but the downside is that it does not provide SPF and also, it doesn't look as natural as EDM or Pure Eraser foundation due to its thicker coverage.

But I would use it for functions and dinners.

Yeap so that's all to my barely make-up face.

I like drug store brands for the convenience since I hardly go to town.
I also like fuss-free make up that do not take up a lot of my precious time in the mornings.
 Now it's time to tend to Adam again. He's coughing non-stop and lost his voice.
Vomited some phlegm out, twice, in the span of my typing this post.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Ashton does not fall sick too.

I'm ready to crash.
 Good night!

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